Conflicting Desires & Manifesting Don’t Mix

From “The Healing Show” Series #04: Manifesting Can Happen Quickly & Easily

Many people want the extra job, the promotion, to expand their business or start selling their creations… but at the same time they’re wanting this, they’re thinking that the getting of it, will get in the way of something else.

Eg. You perceive that the extra money you want to earn might get in the way of your social life, your spare time or your family. You want the extra clients, customers… etc but if you get them it means that you’ll only be able to watch one favourite tv show, not the five shows you watch weekly. You want the extra income but you can’t see how you’re going to fit it into everything else you need to do.

Instead of thinking I’ll fit everything else into the time I’ve got left after I’ve earned the extra income, you’re thinking that everything else is first while the extra income you want so badly is second? The extra income needs to be the priority.

You might also feel that you’ve never reached higher than a certain level with your time and energy and managing tasks. You’ve only manage 10 tasks at maximum before, so that limit must be the same now, instead of thinking that you can grow into a new, higher level of handling more.

You might feel that your timetable will only allow a certain amount of things in it, without realizing that your timetable could change to accommodate for the time or head-space you need to earn extra income. Things change.

You need to remember that you can create a new maximum for yourself, you can increase the amount you can do or produce, you can do it, you can manage everything, you might never have done more before but you might actually pull it off and do it this time. Don’t underestimate yourself.

Feel the feelings of wanting more getting in the way of other important things. Connect with the rule you’ve given yourself, rewrite the rule and feel deeply and strongly that more is possible for you. More is possible for you!