Money Crisis?

From “The Healing Show” Series #04: Manifesting Can Happen Quickly and Easily

You might really need money at the moment. You could be down to your last ‘x’ amount of dollars, your emergency threshold and you’re probably stressed.

Besides going into debt, it’s easy to look outward to friends, family or your partner as the answer to your problems. Sometimes they can help, sometimes they can’t. Perhaps now you’re in a situation where your loved ones can’t help you.

You might start to feel negative or resentful about this, thinking things like “why can’t they help me… they should help me… they should have got their act together by now in order to help me… I can’t believe they can’t or won’t help me, it’s wrong… I just need somebody to help me, then I’ll be ok…” and similar thoughts.

Maybe you’re right, maybe your loved ones ‘should’ give you some money at the moment and you’ve got a right to feel that way… If, however, your loved ones can not or refuse to be of financial assistance, then it could be a very clear sign that you’re not meant to turn to them at the moment, but to look inwards to yourself instead.

You’re at an extremely important crossroads here… you could be starting an unhealthy, new pattern, or continuing an old pattern, where you give your power away and look to others to get you out of things. Or… you could start a healthy, new pattern where you look to yourself as the creator of all the money you need! You have the power to create the money you want! You…!

When you arrive at the moment where you need money, you’re have arrived at an empowering moment, where you will discover what you can do… or what you can do again, and earn money like you used to.

One way to help you turn your energy from going outward, to looking inward, is to stop talking about the money you don’t have. The more you talk about a negative circumstance, the more the negative circumstance will proliferate.

Another way to help you turn your energy inward, is to recall times in your life when money wasn’t an issue. You might have received a bonus at work; you might have inherited some money; maybe you got some as a gift; perhaps you were just doing your usual thing of working for it; perhaps think of times when you had a good amount in the bank; maybe there were particularly comfortable patches in your life that you can recall being relaxed about money…

It doesn’t matter what the positive financial situation was, all that matters is the feeling of you having enough… more than enough… plenty 🙂 All that matters, is that you keep thinking about all the times where you were relaxed about money, and keep thinking it and keep feeling the ease and calm and the normality of it all. This is the BEST state of mind in which to create wealth.