Crystal At Your Heart

From “The Healing Show” Series #04: How to Meditate at Home

This message leads on from part 4 in this series on meditation.

Part 4 explains the words I Am and adding those to the meditation, along with a focus on your heart and breathing in through your nose, out through your mouth. Those three parts is basically how to do this meditation.

If you want to add extra healing energy to it, without ‘doing’ anything extra, get a crystal or gem stone. Hold the crystal at your heart or hang it on a pendant.The color and peace and healing power of the crystal will penetrate your heart center and help remove negative energy stored there.

Crystals lend extra awareness, like being illuminated. You can’t work on a problem if you don’t know there is one, so a crystal will help you realize what you need to work on in yourself.

You can find crystals in crystal shops or spiritual-type gift shops. They’re often stored in little compartments and there’s usually a huge array of different types. They’re a cherry-sized tumbled stone and normally cost between $1 and $10 (Australian).

There is, of course, the option of using the jewellery that you already have, in which a gem stone is set. If you have nothing else, sure, you can use a jewellery item that has a gem stone set in it.The size of gems in jewellery tend to be quite small, generally less than the size of your fingernail, hence why I suggest you get a decent sized gem stone for your meditation.

Another reason why I mention to get a separate crystal for your meditation, is because jewellery tends to have emotional and occasion attachments. Those attachments can sometimes get in the way of the crystal doing its healing job for you.

The colors I recommend that you aim for, when buying your crystal or choosing it from your own collection, are green, blue, purple or clear. Green and blue work best as they are closest to your heart center. Purple and clear will work well too, although they stimulate the awareness that is associated with the upper chakras. That’s fine too and they’re still good colors.

Examples of crystals for each of the colors:

  • Green- malachite, chrysoprase;
  • Blue- azurite, lapis;
  • Purple- amethyst, lepidolite;
  • Clear- apophylite, calcite.

The more regularly you do meditation the better, the longer you do it for the better. Time can feel like a sacrifice and you might find it too impossible to implement meditation into your day if you’re not used to it. When you get into a zone and get into the practice, you’ll enjoy it.

In future recordings, I’ll talk about what might come up for you during the meditation as well as a long list of brilliant benefits from this meditation. Well done if you’re doing any meditation at all 🙂