Some Is Always Better Than None

From “The Healing Show” Series #07: How To Meditate At Home

If you’re like me, you want to do things properly and devote a proper amount of time to things, which includes time to do meditation.

I like to do 30 mins of meditation daily but there is the odd occasion where I can’t put that much time aside. I think of doing it for a few minutes on those crazy days, then stop myself because I feel haphazard about the whole thing and it doesn’t get done.

Whether you’re a regular meditator or you’re new to it, meditation is worth doing for however many minutes you’ve got, wherever you are.

You might only be able to do a couple minutes a day. You might manage to do one minute on the hour, every hour. You might aim to do 30 mins a day but some days feel too impossible for that, but right now, you’ve got 10 mins or 3 mins for it… but you don’t do it because it feels like that short length of time is silly or won’t make any difference anyway.

You don’t need to have all your special meditating things all the time before you can let yourself do meditation. You don’t need to stick to a certain amount of time before you can let yourself do it. The main thing is that you do it, for however long, wherever you are, with whatever you’ve got.

Meditation will help you with everything, with every person, with every situation: hear I Am in your mind, breathe slowly and deeply and focus on your heart (with your crystal). It will improve every area of your life: your work, relationship, creativity, the order in your house, eating habits, exercise, driving and much more. Doing any amount of meditation is always worth it and will always pay off.