Dream Interpretation & Your Relationship

Relationship Healing for Women

Understanding your dreams can help you.
Knowing what my dreams mean helps me with everything in life and they can help you the same way.

Dreams Show Your Partner’s Mood.
You need time out to yourself to keep your centre, it’s imperative. Women have a massive load they’re carrying re relationship, personal, family and work responsibilities and yet they’re feeling guilty giving to themselves amidst the enormous amount they’re giving to others.

Leaving a Friendship vs Leaving a Relationship.
The process you go through is very similar, drawing up a physical or mental pros and con lists for and against, but women are so much clearer when they are considering leaving a friend, compared to when they consider leaving their man. With their friend, their crimes are obvious, with their man, his crimes get excused or she tells herself it didn’t happen or it’s not important.

Should you have left your relationship yesterday?
If you feel you should have left your relationship yesterday, then do it! My short boost of encouragement. Or do it when you’re ready. I didn’t leave my relationship when I knew I should have. It took me years to decide, all the signs were there from the beginning.

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Work-Life Balance with Less Guilt.
There’s never a good time, not to feel the guilt. Guilt is not something you can just get over, you’ve been instilled with it since your childhood and you’ve copied the guilt of giving to yourself, into your work life and relationships too.

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THE 8 OF SWORDS – How it applies to the stress of short term commitments – How it applies to leaving a relationship or friendship. – How it applies to going on a holiday and moving in with somebody.

Dream Meanings Are Not Obvious.
You might think that one particular dream is about your relationship, but in fact, its meaning can also be applied to helping you expand your creativity and allowing you to heal from painful childhood experiences.

How To Remember Your Dreams.
Having a desire to remember your dreams will eventually make you remember your dreams. A good diet, lots of fruit and vegetables, less meat, fewer vices, less pharmaceutical and recreational drugs will help you remember your dreams and help you have positive dreams.

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