Why He Gets Angry At You

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Your Man’s Stress Levels Are Not Your Fault.
Why does he get angry at you? Whatever his reasons, it’s generally not your fault. Most women take on far too much responsibility for the happiness of their man. If for example, you live together and you’ve done the washing and ironing and cooking for him and he’s still angry, it’s not because you weren’t trying hard enough to be on top of things in a domestic capacity. If he works long hours, he might not recognize how stressed he is and he might not do things to alleviate his stress, so he takes it out on you. Women are generally better at recognizing when they’re stressed and they tend to do more about it, eg. yoga, go for a walk, meditation. It’s not your fault that your man does not recognize when he is stressed, which can cause him to get angry at you and it’s also not your fault that he doesn’t do more about his stress levels.

You Don’t Deserve Your Man’s Anger.
Does he blow up about the tiniest things? Like you not parking in a particular position or you leaving pens lying about the place. You don’t deserve to be yelled at or told off. You don’t need to ask yourself how you can be more sensitive to his needs and change yourself accordingly. You can leave the physical space if he starts to get angry.

Your Man’s Anger Linked with Regularity of Sex.
Some men need more sex with their woman than other men. If he wants more sex but doesn’t verbalize it and gets angry at you for things that aren’t related to sex, because he doesn’t have the guts to voice his true needs, you are not responsible for that. If you as the woman, have a higher sex drive than him, he might get angry at you because of this- because you ‘require’ him to give you more. Instead of him interpreting your feelings correctly, he feels pressured by your needs and the pressure can make him get angry. His misinterpretation is his fault, therefore his anger belongs to him. If he feels angry about an issue on day 1, he may not express it until day 10, then you’re left to wonder what you’ve done wrong on day 10 when you did nothing wrong.

You’re Not A Nag He’s Ignoring Issues.
Women just want to be heard, but they get called high maintenance or a nag because they want to talk about an issue. If this has happened to you, you don’t deserve this, he’s not allowed to wipe things off with his name calling. If he has ignored issues for some time, then he needs to expect that you will bring up issues AGAIN. You might be feeling unsupported and this might be the issue and he needs to say sorry for not supporting you..

Men Generally Don’t Instigate Discussions About Issues.
It’s not your fault if he says you are never happy. How are you meant to be happy when he doesn’t talk about the problems between you and it’s left up to you? Women generally get frustrated with the fact that they are left to raise things without his help.

How to Fix Communication in a Relationship.
Women need to raise the relationship issues because our communication skills are usually 10 times higher than the man that we’re with. Not that we should have to raise them, it’s not our sole responsibility to raise them, it’s just that things move faster if we do. If we wait for our man to raise the issues, we grow more frustrated because he’s not doing it. And we need to keep bringing up the same issues to be addressed because he will forget and we need to count on him forgetting.

How to Get Your Boyfriend to Communicate with You.
Your man needs to be educated to be a better partner and being his woman, you are the best person to do that because your communication skills are better. It’s too bad that he gets angry because he doesn’t like to be made to address and re-address issues. He needs to improve as your partner because you need to see that your energy is paying off.

Strong Woman with Insecure Man.
A numerology chart can easily show when an insecure man is with a confident woman. When a man is feeling inadequate, he tries to bring her down and aims his anger at her. He needs to celebrate his woman’s strengths instead of feeling less than her.

Raising Relationship Issues When He Says “Not Now!”
It’s never the right time for him. He will often say not now when you want to talk about an issue in your relationship. It’s too bad that he doesn’t want to talk about it. It can help to write your issues with him in your diary so that you know what you want to say to him by the time the discussion takes place and writing in your diary can help with your frustration levels. He’s not allowed to punish you because you want to talk about the issues in your relationship. Do whatever it takes- write him a note on paper, write him an email, raise your voice. Don’t be scared to voice things because you’re scared you might separate.

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