Cheating in Relationships (Part 2) – Emotional Cheating Counts

From “The Healing Show” Series #01: Relationships

“Emotional Cheating Counts”

There’s physical cheating, where there is kissing, part or full naked bodies and sex happening and there is emotional cheating, which is being disloyal, unfaithful and disrespectful through subtle behaviors.

Emotional cheating is still cheating, not as severe as sex but it counts. It’s much more difficult to pin down the other person into admission of it ooccurring or being just as valid as ‘regular’ cheating

Cheating in general is hurtful, emotional cheating is hurtful, just in a different way. It can constitute grounds for a break up or reassessment of the relationship but isn’t often used as such, because the person who is being (emotionally) cheated on feels like their feelings don’t count.