Stuck In A Relationship You Feel You Can’t Leave?

Stuck In A Relationship You Feel You Can’t Leave?

Most people don’t get into a relationship in order to leave it. And relationships seem to put us under a magic spell, where as unfulfilling or destructive as they might be, we stay there.

We might do desperate things to keep an unhealthy relationship together. We might close ourselves off from our friends, family, our own intuition and close ourselves off to our own feelings, that if we listened to them, dictate that we should leave. But we don’t want to. Why?

Because we aren’t recognising our feelings and our pain. Our parents taught most of us to put our feelings aside, to stay in an unhappy situation and cope.

We need to feel our feelings and deem them as valid and important if we’re going to stay in relationships that we feel we can’t leave.

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