Is It Love Or Drama?

From “The Healing Show” Series #01: How to Attract a Better Relationship

You might be in, or have been in one of those extra rare relationships where you got along extremely well together, you had a great love life, there was hardly any conflict, you supported and encouraged each other all the time. If not… the love of your life, might not be worthy of such a title.

The man you love or loved so much, or the man you think loved you so much, didn’t really love you the way you think he did, because he was giving you drama, not love.

I’ll pause here as you could be feeling very confronted right now…

You can mistake pyrite for gold, the same as you can mistake drama, for love, accidentally. When you realise that’s what you’re doing to yourself, it can be extremely confronting, as it was for me.

The lows were pretty low with my ex, but the highs were so high that I’d always forget how low I felt. I didn’t realise that I was suffering with my ex. He was giving me drama, he destabilized me, he made me anxious, I was worried, I was sick, I couldn’t relax.

I needed to be deeply honest and vulnerable with myself for my mind and heart to be open to a view and an experience of love NOT being drama. This took time, but I was determined. I had to change my own definition of the love experience as being peaceful, joyous, content and deeply stabilising.

Whether you’re holding onto a love that you feel you can’t get again (but you’re actually wanting to be in love again) or you’re already in a relationship, the best thing you can do is to ponder and reflect on the possibility that the love you love could be the drama you love. The more you can consider that, the more you will grow.

This kind of growth is paramount because it helps you make better choices in the next relationship or within your current relationship. The better your choices, the more you can let yourself have real love and not drama, the happier you will be! It happened to me and I want you to move toward the love and happiness you seek, as I did.