The Next Love Is Closer Than You Think

From “The Healing Show” Series #01: Relationships

When we’re consumed with other people, particularly unhealthy people: their life, their dramas, accommodating their feelings over our own, traveling to see them, thinking about their needs… we can’t see what we need. We can’t ‘see’ the next love of our life who could be staring us in the face right now.

The love of my life whom I’m with now, I was in the same physical space as him a couple times a week for 7 years, but I didn’t ‘see’ him…! I didn’t notice him, I didn’t recognise him as being the partner I’ve always wanted. I wasn’t thinking about my happiness, my needs, my future, my energy- I was thinking about everybody else. And nobody else was thinking about me as much as I was thinking about them.

You might be spending too much energy on a relationship that isn’t working and are therefore blind to the love of your life in the form of a man who passes you at work every day. You might be spending too much energy on an ex who wants to be friends and can’t leave you alone, the preoccupation of which means you can’t see the love of your life ‘waiting’ for you at the social function you go to every week.

How To Find Love

You might be associating way too much with unhealthy people at work, unhealthy friends, particularly unhealthy family members, causing you not to notice the love of your life who is in your life right now, but yet you hardly speak to.

Unhealthy family members are the hardest people to deal with in terms of conserving your energy. Unhealthy family members will take more energy from you than you might realize and you will forget that your life isn’t about them.

When you separate yourself from unhealthy friends and family members, your energy will recover, you’ll be able to come back to yourself and get back in touch with your needs, your happiness and your future. You’ll be able to SEE the love of your life who is right there or you will energetically allow him to come into your life tomorrow.