How To Cleanse Your House

From “The Healing Show” Series #05: How to Maintain a Spiritual Life

There are a few ways to energetically cleanse and heal your house and I’ll discuss one method here. You will need some incense, some candles and a pen and paper.

Why would you want to cleanse your house? Because you could be feeling stuck or negative and you want to let the past go. Cleansing your house is especially important to do if there has been any of the following circumstances in your life:

  • A death
  • Ill health
  • Conflict
  • Nightmares
  • You’ve left something, you’ve left a group, a relationship, job or course and you’re trying to move on.

For light and positive reasons, cleansing your house is wonderful to do at the beginning of new cycles, like New Year, your birthday, birth of a baby, a new job, new relationship or a new course is starting for you.

House cleansing is effectively a house healing and it’s important to do in general because every negative thought and feeling you’ve had in your house or those of other occupants or guests, will linger until it’s been deliberately cleared.

A house healing =WILL= invite new people, opportunities and creativity into your life. Who doesn’t want that! Here’s what you do: get your incense (it’s very important that it’s natural incense, not artificial) and light a stick in every room of the house.

If some rooms can’t be accessed, then light the incense at the entrance to the room. Along with the incense, light a candle (tea light candles are fine) and place it near the lit incense.

The incense stick will need to burn out, which takes about half an hour, so safety precautions are necessary as well as no children or animals going near the area.

While the incense is burning, read this affirmation that you’ve written down:

“This room, this house, this property is filled with light and happiness, love and success, peace and stability”.

Say the affirmation at least once in every room while the incense and candle are burning. You can say the affirmation ten times in every room if you like, you can say it fifty times 🙂 By repeating the affirmation aloud, you are bringing that energy into your space.

When the incense has burnt out, blow out the candle and open all the windows and doors. The incense and candle has burnt up the old energy, so we need a little fresh air to move the old ‘energetic dust’ out of your house.

Leave your house for a bit, come back and see how you feel… You might notice the change straight away, you might notice it the next day. In any case, you have succeeded at this method of healing your house.

Doing a house healing will attract new and improved people and circumstances into your life, as well as improved health and prosperity. Definitely worth doing in general, when you want to let go the past and welcome fresh, healthy experiences 😀