How To Cleanse Your House part 2

From “The Healing Show” Series #05: How To Maintain A Spiritual Life.

=How To Bring A Room Alive=

Which room in your house do you want to bring alive? How could you be avoiding a certain room? We need to reclaim our space and reconnect with the part of ourselves that’s connected with a certain room.

It could be our bedroom because we want to bring our love life alive;
It could be our hobby room because we want to bring our creativity alive;
It could be our storage room because we need to access things in it easily;
We might have an empty room that feels so uncomfortably empty that we want to fix that atmosphere and heal it;
It could be a room associated with the past that we want to bring its purpose into the present;
We might want to bring the room alive where our desk is because we want to achieve some private, quiet time there;
Our desk might be for our study or business and we want to kick start it and get into it…!

A really simple way of bringing the energy alive in ‘that’ room, without putting in any effort, is to just light a candle. Is that all? Yes. How does it help?

Fire in general brings attention to a space: it’s easy to look at; the light makes us look even if we don’t mean to; it brings an alive energy to a space, part of the reason why the kitchen is the center of activity in a house- because of the fire. Fire also clears old, negative energy. And you can do all this, just by lighting a candle.

If the room hasn’t been alive for some time, I suggest have a candle lit all day for many weeks. Obviously work my suggestion in with the logistics of what’s possible for you. If the room is a big problem room because there’s so much chaos or issues associated with it, do the same- a lit candle all day for weeks, months maybe.

Lighting a candle to bring the energy alive in a problem, lonely or disorganised room is a very simple, virtually effortless way of healing your space and healing yourself.