How To Cleanse Your House (part 3)

From “The Healing Show” Series #05: How to Maintain a Spiritual Life

Plenty of us have a problem room in our house, a space that is to waste, which we could be using for something important to do with our professional, creative or personal development.

To reference another recording about using one candle to wake up a room that feels stuck or lifeless, this message is about speeding up the whole process by using lots of candles in the same problem room.

There are many little sections of a room where different stuff is kept. Each of these sections build up with more issues over time, therefore, each of these sections needs a separate little candle near them to clear the stuck energy.


  • You could have lots of unsorted stuff in cupboards- place a candle or two near there;
  • There might be draws of receipts that need organising – place a candle near there;
  • You might have some important folders that have gone unopened for ages- place a candle near there;
  • There might be shelves that are stacked up so heavily with heaps of different things- place a candle or two near there… and so on.
  • In every part of the room where there’s an issue, place a candle nearby.

It doesn’t have to be a room that is jam packed with stuff, it could be a room that feels uncomfortably empty- put some candles in the center of the room, in the corners and near the windows and doors. The energy of the fire will start burning up the old energy straight away.

I had just one candle burning in my problem room for a half day, almost every day for about 4 to 6 weeks. One morning after about 6 weeks, I was struck! I had to bring it to order straight away! When I’d finished, I looked back at it and felt proud. I couldn’t remember when I’d last seen it so usable and spacious. If one candle can do that, imagine what 5 to 10 candles in one room can do!

The more candles in a room, the faster the clearing, attending to issue, sorting and organising will naturally happen. The room becomes so much easier to deal with. You’ll notice yourself want to get your life moving with the help of many candles in the same problem room.