Supporting A Vegan Lifestyle – Part 1

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Today’s Topic: Supporting A Vegan Lifestyle – Part 1

Vegan On The Go

If you have become a vegan recently and if you’re not that creative with food, it can feel like there’s nothing to eat sometimes, despite the whole supermarket full of food.

It can seem like when you ate meat, there was more choice and less now that you’re a vegetarian. More so, it can seem like when you ate dairy and other animal products as a vegetarian, there was more choice and much less now that you’re a vegan.

It’s easy to go blank when it comes to deciding on what to make for lunch or dinner and sometimes you can have trouble deciding, can’t be bothered with the whole process and just wanna eat! These blank, can’t be bothered moments, can cause you to reach for food that maybe isn’t vegan or if it vegan, might be unhealthy like deep fried chips from a fast food outlet.
Help yourself prepare for those fast food moments, with this combination of chopped up, raw and fresh veges in one of those paper thin wraps (avoid the wheat wraps) : avocado, carrot, mushroom and lettuce with hommus and chopped garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, chilli powder and salt. You can exclude or add other ingredients of course.

If you’re in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, the tastier brands of hommus are Chris’ and Yummi’s. They might be available in other Australian states, just to save you time deciding, I’m not necessarily promoting any brands.

If you like chilli, I suggest add chilli powder or flakes, rather than sweet chilli sauce. Those sauces begin to delve into the unhealthy condiment department.

The above ingredients are generally not hard to get. Prepare the wraps for when you need a quick meal or to take on picnics. There’s no cooking and after you collect the ingredients, it’s only a few minutes preparation time.