Supporting A Vegan Lifestyle – Part 2

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Today’s Topic: Supporting A Vegan Lifestyle – Part 3

“Kindness With Pets But Not With ‘Plate’ Animals.”

A human who owns an animal is regarded as cruel for leaving their dog in a sealed car on a hot day. How should a human who eats an animal be regarded if they buy ham from the deli?

There’s this funny thing that happens in the head of humans who own animals and the same humans who eat animals and animal products. It’s called disassociation and compartmentalization. These are kind and caring humans, don’t get me wrong, but they are also humans who seem to have spontaneous amnesia.

Humans forget that they disassociate from animals they eat because they’re compartmentalized as animals that are eaten. Lack of love causes this disassociation, exercised and reinforced in society, culture and family patterns.

The owner is so bad if: they don’t feed their pet; don’t let them go outside; keep them in the dark; leave them alone; keep them locked up or unable to move; love and protect their pet one minute and betray and kill them for dinner the next.

The above is so totally acceptable for animals who are farmed or factory farmed?

The animals that are eaten, experience suffering behind closed doors, in an area far way, and their appalling treatment occurs for far worse and for far longer than the suffering our pets generally experience. I’m not saying we shouldn’t care for our pets, on the contrary, we can all do a better job there.

What if there was a factory farm for pigs set up in a (very large) supermarket car park, that you could see every day you went to the supermarket and the ham was selling from that piggery. Would the same tongues wag and fingers shake at the person who’s got ham in their shopping bag as happens for the person who’s got their dog in a closed car?

What if you had to see a newly born baby cow, killed in front of your eyes for the dairy industry, every time you needed transport? Would tongues wag and fingers point as you sat in a cafe enjoying your coffee with milk in it?

I’m not saying that people who eat animals and animal products are bad and those who are vegan are holy. There are many kind people in this world who happen to be meat eaters or vegetarian, who spend time and energy and money, caring for animals or their pet. We grant them that and it is true, they are caring and kind. The same caring people, however, care in isolation. They don’t mean to, they might not realize it, they don’t think twice when they buy a quick roast chicken for dinner.