Supporting A Vegan Lifestyle – Part 3

Series: Supporting A Vegan Lifestyle – Part 3

“Speedy Bean Dip!”

This recipe is healthy, yummy and fast. I like this kind of food, beans are good for everything in your body, you pretty much can’t go wrong eating it or preparing it.

Find a can of refried beans and make sure it’s lined on the inside of the can. The white (it’s normally white) lining prevents the stuff from the metal from the can, leaching into your food.

Ideally, you don’t want to eat anything from a can, you want it to be fresh. You ultimately want to prepare this dish from scratch: organic beans that you soak overnight, the next day cook until soft then mash up yourself, but since you probably don’t have a spare thousand years, prepare it this way…

For one person, 1/4 to 1/3 of a can is more than enough. You’ll find you can’t scoff down much more of your bean dip like you can with white rice or potato chips because it’s so FULL of goodness and it isn’t processed.

Put the beans in a pot with a little water, only enough so you can stir the beans in the pot, because they tend to be a big blob of bean-ness and hard to deal with without a bit of water. Warm through, don’t make them hot, you don’t have time for that and also, you want to eat this straight away!

For the additions to the dip, chop up a clove of garlic, a teaspoon of lemon juice and add a couple tablespoons of olive oil (first cold pressed and organic if possible) and a pinch of salt. These are not exact quantities for the additions because I tend to cook intuitively and I want to encourage that, so decide on the proportions for the additions yourself according to how you want it to taste.

Swirl through the additions to the dip, so you can still see all the bits you’ve added. Don’t mix up the additions into the bean dip so you can’t see them. You want to be able to look at this dip and feel it’s interesting to eat cause it’s got ‘additions’ to it, cause really, it’s a bowl of brown stuff in the end. But it tastes way better than it looks. You could add a bit of chopped up parsley to it, to help distract you from the brown-ness of it all.

Have your dip with essene bread (almost raw bread, sprouted grain), toast (not wheat) or corn chips (organic preferably).

This whole recipe will take you all of 5 minutes to prepare from start to finish and about as many minutes to eat.

You can have my speedy bean dip for any meal of the day, not just as a snack. It’s healthy, fast, vegan and yummy!