VEGAN – Comfort Stew

From “The Healing Show” Series #06: Supporting a Vegan Lifestyle

I feel it’s much more appropriate to call vegan food, comfort food, because you can feel “comfort”able eating it and you can feel “comfort”ed knowing that no being has been harmed for your meal.

I’d like to make a statement for this recipe and also future meals I podcast: “If you wonder why I’m not more exact with the ingredients or method or allowing the method to be optional, it’s because I’m interested in making meals that are fast, don’t have exact measurements and don’t involve me following a detailed method.

I’m not what I call a chef: I don’t really care what the meal looks like, so long as it tastes good and so long as I can avoid shopping for extra special ingredients and spending copious time on complicated recipes. I can throw food together and I can make it taste yummy. If I can get it all done quickly, I’m on for it!

This recipe will suit you well if you’re like me and you’re not the tidiest person in the world where the kitchen is concerned, as I generally have only one or two clean items in kitchen, the rest need washing. What I’m getting at, is you only need one pot to make this dish. Yay, a one pot dish!

Cooking time: 15- 30 mins to prepare and cook.
Serves: 2.


  • 2 cloves of garlic, finely cut or put through a crusher.
  • 2 red onions, sliced.10- 12 mushrooms, small size or 3- 4 mushrooms, large size. Sliced.
  • 1 potato, washed, peeled and sliced.
  • 4 vegan sausages, diced.
  • 1 broccoli head or 1 bunch of broccolini, cut them your way, but not too big.
  • Water, oil, seasoning or stock cube to taste.

If you can be bothered following this method, you can, it will make the dish taste better. You don’t need to adhere to the method if you don’t have the patience, I understand completely. Cut everything up however you like, throw it all in the pot and hope for the best. You don’t have to hope that much, it will taste yummy. Just cook the broccoli last, cause you want it to be a lovely bright green color at the end.

Caramelize the garlic and onions. The onions really make this dish, so if you spend a little time getting the caramelizing happening, it’s worth it.

Throw in the mushrooms and add a little water and oil. After the mushrooms have sweated a bit, the water from them will combine with the onions and create a sauce. The sauce is very important. It will make the whole dish delicious, and it comes from the onions and mushrooms. If you want more sauce, add more water (maybe a bit more oil). Less water, less sauce, generally speaking. If you know how to use a prepared vegan gravy sauce, use it and you can improve on the sauce.

Season with salt, pepper and or a stock cube. Quantity to taste.

Add your diced vegan sausages and your sliced potatoes.

Because the sausages are generally already cooked, dicing them is adequate because you don’t need to cook them through as such, you’re just warming them through. You can dice the potatoes, they just take longer to cook that way. Slicing them means they’ll be cooked in a few minutes.

At this stage, you will definitely notice your stew forming nicely… It’s all very exciting!

Lastly, add one sliced broccoli or a bunch of cut up broccolini and just place it on top of all the ingredients in the pot.

Put a little extra water in the pot, turn up the heat and put the lid on for about 3 minutes to create lovely, almost luminous green, inviting broccoli (not that weird darker green yellowy broccoli that you get when it’s over cooked).

Throw it down the hatch (if you’re not familiar with this expression, I mean eat it!) and you will feel nicely satisfied 😀