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1- Keep Your Love Life Alive- Let Sex Happen At Any Time

1- Keep Your Love Life Alive- Let Sex Happen At Any Time
The idea that sex can happen any time, might be a new concept for some couples. Sex can be associated with a time slot or a particular space. Longer term couples tend to get in a rut with this compared to newer couples. With brand new couples, a sex ‘timetable’ has not been established.

Sex tends to be associated with waking up in the morning together or going to sleep at night together. Generally more so at night. The problem with this is, if you’re not able to wake up together or you’re not able to go to sleep together, sex might not happen.

If you’re on different social timetables, different work timetables or different sleep timetables, you might not get sex until the next morning or until the next night that you are together. This could take days or weeks to happen. Feeling anxious and wondering ‘when’ sex might happen, can feel awful! But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Sex can happen anytime… It really can, especially when each partner is naturally oriented or determined for the relationship not to become stale. Sex can happen any time you are both awake and both available. ‘If’ the whole process takes half an hour: the time it takes for you to take some or all of your clothes off, have sex, cuddle with your man, put your clothes back on, then this time frame is easily slottable into the rest of your life.

Half an hour is the news. Half an hour might be your weekly tv or internet program. Half an hour might be the time it takes to pop to the shops and back. Half an hour can be slotted in anywhere. Sex can happen anytime: in the late morning, in the afternoon, in the early evening. Any time.

This is especially important to remember when you and your partner or lover, have different work timetables. To list some different scenarios: one of you might be a student, the other a full time worker; one of you might be a part time worker, the other a shift worker; one of you might be running your own business at home, the other is running their own business elsewhere; one of you might have one week on and one week off, the other might be a casual worker. All this means that you’re each going to get tired at different times of the day. But getting sleep doesn’t have to negatively affect the likelihood for sex.

Ultimately, going to sleep together and waking up together, is more convenient. But if that’s not possible for you both, you don’t need to worry about missing out on sex if he’s not there when you wake up or if he’s not there when you go to sleep. Sex can happen anytime, you’re both awake, available and have half an hour. Keeping your love life alive can happen more easily and if you can allow sex can happen any time.