Benita French is an author and an expert in relationships. Her advice applies to women in heterosexual relationships but can sometimes apply to those in non-heterosexual relationships.

As a result of extensive research, observation and realization regarding relationships, Benita has discovered the “Relationship Law”. The relationships law always works, whether you adhere to it naturally or deliberately (through Benita’s instruction).

She helps women improve their thoughts and feelings about themselves and relationships in general. Benita will share with you ALL the steps you need to take in order to achieve the relationship circumstance that you prefer.

Whatever your relationship status, Benita will help you feel comfortable, confident and help you get what you want.

You are currently not in a relationship
Benita will help you feel truly at peace about it, instead of you feeling that you’re running out of time or as though there’s something wrong with you because you’re not in one. Not ‘looking’ for a relationship is the best thing you can do for your personal growth. The more you grow within yourself, the better the relationship next time. Benita will help you feel that there are always possibilities, no matter your age or experience and not to give up.

You like somebody but only from a distance
Benita will help you feel confident and relaxed about approaching or communicating with that person, instead of you feeling silly that you’re even thinking about them. You are not alone in feeling this way.

💚Attract a relationship💚
Benita will help you attract a relationship by increasing your awareness to ways you are blocking them, including: low self esteem; a belief that it can’t happen for you; grief; overworking; unhealthy connections with others and holding onto the past. You don’t have to go to bars or date online if that’s not your thing. Relationship opportunities are everywhere and you don’t have to work as hard as you have done, to bring one into your life.

Cope with current relationship challenges
Often better behaviour occurs earlier in the relationship then with time, you come accept things that are hurtful, unfair or not up to your standards. It grows harder to love your partner. Benita will help you work through these difficulties. She will help you build the confidence and strength to voice things you have wanted to say for months or years. Benita will help you feel that you’re allowed to want things from your partner, that you are not complaining, you are not nagging and you are not overdramatising how you feel.

You are cheating or your partner is
Benita will help you cope with the affair you’re having, the affair he is having with you or perhaps the affairs you’re both having while with each other. She will help you feel that you’re not a bad person for cheating and remind you that you were already feeling sad and neglected for some time and that you couldn’t go on ignoring it. That to seek relief and comfort by cheating, while not the best option, is often the natural result. Benita will help you work out what to do, when and how to proceed, help you work through your anger and pain and whether to stay or go.

You are trying to leave an unhealthy relationship
You have been trying to leave an unhealthy relationship for some time but have not had success. You are scared that you won’t be able to support yourself or you fear you won’t find anybody better. Benita will help you remember that the whole world is open to you. That you were capable before you met your partner and that capability is still there within you. Perhaps you don’t want to leave properly (you have attempted it) because you fear how he will react. Benita will help you develop the belief in yourself that you need.

You have separated or he has disappeared
Benita can help you feel the hope and faith that the man you wanted might return, that he probably hasn’t forgotten about you and that you did mean something to him. You may be going through a break, not necessarily an end of a relationship. Unlike friends or family telling you that you should move on, Benita will help you feel that your feelings are not a waste of time.

You are recovering from a relationship break up or loss
Your know your relationship has ended and you have been living this reality for a little while. You have left a Short term or Long term relationship, or maybe he left you. Perhaps your partner died and you’re trying to heal. Most women believe that they SHOULD be okay within a few months or within a few years. They tell themselves they’re okay when they’re really not coping and have never properly recovered. Benita will help you through all stages of your relationship break up or loss. She will help you feel accepting of the idea that healing takes time, that you mustn’t hurry yourself to get over it. Depending on what you need, she will help you feel confident about opening the doors to your heart once more.


What happens in a relationship session?
Benita is interested in as much detail of your relationship situation as possible. She does not push you past the healing stage you are at but also encourages you to make any minute changes you can to better your circumstance.

Different intuitive reading methods are used and various healing techniques are applied to help you process your feelings, bring your pain to the surface, help you figure out what happened and what you should do now. Or not. 

Benita outlines the necessary relationship strategies and principles that are relevant to your situation and she helps you work through how to implement them. You don’t have to implement anything new if you’re not ready. Often just the fact that Benita listens to you on a deep level, enables you to progress naturally without ‘doing’ anything.

Most women have relationship problems and
most women accidentally make basic mistakes that prevent them from:
-Attracting a better relationship
-Viewing their ‘single’ relationship status as being healthy or positive
-Progressing their current relationship
-Ending an unhealthy relationship
-Recovering from a relationship break up or loss

Briefly and generally speaking…
All relationship problems are the result of:

-Not healing from a past relationship
-Unhealthy connections with your family
-Unhealed experiences with your family

Benita wholeheartedly encourages and fully supports her clients to make the necessary changes in their life (at their own pace) that will bring them the happiness they yearn for so deeply.