Spiritual Development and Healing Course Melbourne

Energy Healing MelbourneBenita’s Healing Courses work on developing a person’s intuition and the untapped powers that exist in every soul.

This non-religious course is based on Benita’s lifetime experience as an energetic healer.

Tuesdays at 6:30pm to 8pm

NEXT COURSE STARTS: October 14th 2014

All that is required is your beautiful spirit and an exercise book and pen. Make it a special exercise book so you can refer to your notes in years to come.

Self Healing with Benita French

I have grown up with energetic healing instruction combined with studies in Psychology and Kinesiology. I have 30 years of experience, half of that time has been on a professional level working with clients.

I do healing on myself every day and I treat all sorts of physical and emotional issues on myself and my partner.

This Spiritual Development Course is Focused on Self Healing

I want to share all that I know in the 8 short weeks that we have together, because I truly believe that regular healing on oneself is essential for:

  • Keeping us out of hospitals in the near future, especially in old age;
  • Enabling us to live our true selves in the best life possible with awareness, strength and expression.

This will be a very hands on course, it’s not super complex, but it’s not basic either.

The healing principles I teach will benefit you, whether you practice healing or if you’re completely new to the concept of self healing.

During the course you will be practicing healing techniques on yourselves and on each other.

You will learn:

  • How to clear yourself as a channel for healing energy: energetically and physically;
  • How to identify blocks to healing and how they come to be;
  • Several healing techniques you can do anywhere to address almost anything;
  • How to heal some of your emotional issues from your childhood and formative years;
  • How to heal some of your emotional issues with particularly challenging relationships or friendships;
  • How to believe in yourself as a healer, professionally or with friends or family;
  • How to use crystals, cards and your dreams as part of the healing process… and much, much more.

My aims:

  • To help you implement healing practices into your life and daily routine;
  • To help you heal and grow emotionally and spiritually;
  • To help you apply healing techniques by doing it and feeling it, not by thinking it and studying it;
  • To get you in touch with intuition and to believe in it;
  • To help build confidence in your own healing energy, as being special, because nobody else would heal like you;
  • To help you believe that your healing energy actually works.

I will be holding the class at my practice in Eltham, so spaces are very limited and it’s important to book as early as you can.

Tuesdays, 6.30pm to 8pm (sometimes it can run a little over time).

First class held on the 14th of October. Last class on the 2nd of December.

Two Payment Options

You can pay it off via installments…

or as a lump sum to receive a bonus discount.

I’ve had a number of people asking common questions about this course, so I thought I would repeat the answers for everyone:

Q) Do I need to do Spiritual Development 1 before I do Spiritual Development 2?
A) No. You can join my “Self Healing course” WITHOUT having to do my previous Spiritual Development course. This course is different and very hands on.

Q) Is there class on Cup Day?
A) There will be no class on Cup Day, Tuesday the 4th of November. Class will resume the following Tuesday the 11th of November and run until Tuesday the 9th of December.

Q) Am I too young or too old to attend?
A) No. Never too young, never too old to join a group and learn.
So far, there is an even mix of ages anyway. Nobody in the group will treat you differently because of your age. All of the groups I’ve had are filled with gentle and accepting people.

Q) How will I do the course if I don’t know enough about energetic healing?
A) Everybody has to start somewhere and everybody has to start again, if they’ve stopped for a while.

Q) I’ve already done healing courses. I already practice healing. Is there more you can teach me?
A) Keep the faith, there is always something more to learn. Even though I view myself as an expert on energetic healing, I think of myself as a student because I’m always learning. Also, you haven’t learned from me. I’ll give you a whole other angle to Energetic Healing that you would not have encountered before.
There will be some fascinating healing stories and straightforward healing techniques, with a view to understanding emotional programming and it’s links with physical healing. You’ll really enjoy the course. Places are limited, process your payment now.

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