Spiritual Development Course

My next Spiritual Development Course starts in 2015. Date to be announced.

I am hoping you can join me for a fun and exciting series of evenings at my healing practice in Eltham (Melbourne, Australia).

“Let’s Make 2015 an Ace Year for YOU!”

intuitive-gifts-web-02I will be sharing 30 years of knowledge and hands on experience, touching on a wide range of topics;

  • Energy, Healing & Kinesiology
  • Tarot
  • Numerology
  • Past lives
  • Crystals
  • Dreams
  • Attunement
  • Manifesting

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CALL ME on 0419 147 036 to reserve a place.

Full Course Details Below…

ELTHAM (Melbourne), Australia.

WHERE: The course takes place every Tuesday night at 6:30pm near the Eltham Police Station at the rear of the Eltham shopping district.

WHEN: Course starts Tuesday evening, 2015 dates TBA. Duration is 1.5hrs plus an additional and casual 30min question time if required.

WHY: The aim of the course is to develop your inner strength, to awaken your intuitive talents, to develop your spiritual powers, and to ultimately, unlock your True Potential in life.

WHAT: Each session will include training and practise in Meditation, Healing, Manifesting and 8 different study topics (one per evening, see schedule below…):


med10123EVERY SESSION: Meditation is one of the most simple and yet powerful practises that anyone can use, to better all aspects of their life. It should be at the corner stone of every Spiritual Development Course, and for that reason, Benita starts each and every session with a simple but profoundly effective meditation.

The purpose is to immediately release you from the known aspects of your life, so that you are not bound up with conditioning; in your mind, being and body. To move you into the realm of possibility, discovery and creativity.

There are no religious affiliations with any of Benita’s teachings. The meditation period will be a guided experience beginning with gratitude for all the things you already have and moving you towards a place where you can simply focus on the self and then finally leading you towards a better position to create what YOU want in YOUR life.


med10123EVERY SESSION: Healers invest long periods of time with their clients, listening to all the aspects of their Emotional, Spiritual, Mental, Energetic and Physical life. Healing is caring for and helping another individual. Benita’s experience in this field is extensiveand her dedication to healing has been constant and unbroken for the past 30 years.

Each Spiritual Development session will include a self-healing and a group-healing session. One entire study session will be devoted to a better understanding of the many vibrational energies within the mind, body and spirit… and how to heal those energies in yourself and others.


med10123UNIQUE TOPICS: Across eight individual evenings… Each Tuesday night session will include an extensive study section, covering a different theme to help you discover the wealth of information and experience Benita has collected over the past 30 years.

Benita will guide you through the knowledge using hands on experience, case studies and live examples of the knowledge in action.

  • WEEK ONE: Energy & Healing
    • What is energy and its use in healing.
    • Natural healing undefined and Natural healing defined as Kinesiology, Prana, Reiki, etc
    • Healing past traumas; physical, mental, emotional, beliefs and responsibilities.
    • The affect of thoughts and feelings on the physical body and the aura.
    • The body’s key healing points and meridians.
    • The Chakras and how to heal and balance them.
    • Kinesiology as a healing modality.
  • WEEK TWO: Tarot
    • Why and when to consult the tarot.
    • Which deck to use and the divisions of the cards.
    • Shuffles, intent, questions and spreads.
    • What are you connecting to when consulting the Tarot.
  • WEEK THREE: Numerology
    • Your numbers and what they can tell you about yourself, strangers and loved ones.
    • What lessons you need to learn for this life from your number lessons.
    • Compatibility with others through your numbers and their numbers.
    • How to determine a numerology chart.
  • WEEK FOUR: Past lives
    • Reincarnation, karma, and past lives.
    • How to remember your past lives.
    • People we have known before and people we are yet to meet.
  • WEEK FIVE: Crystals
    • How to choose and use crystals.
    • Crystals to heal yourself.
    • Families of crystals.
    • 10 ace crystals and their meanings.
    • Healing with crystal elixirs.
    • Cleansing and recharging your crystals.
  • WEEK SIX: Dreams
    • Understanding your nightly dreams and their creation.
    • What dreams can show us on many levels.
    • How to remember and record your dreams.
    • 5 common dream symbols explained.
  • WEEK SEVEN: Attunement
    • Heightening your energy vibration and attunement for healing and manifesting.
    • The meat, vegetarian and vegan diets.
    • Coffee and alcohol vs healthy drinks and water.
    • The importance of water and the many different types.
    • Energy in nature.
    • Meditation, walks, yoga, Tai Chi and physical discipline.
    • Associating with people and places that will support your energy.
    • Television bombardment vs controlled entertainment.
  • WEEK EIGHT: Manifesting

    • What is manifesting and how to do it.
    • How to make your life dreams come true.
    • 10 best techniques to help you manifest.

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