003 – Numerology

Student notes from the 8 week Spiritual Development Course conducted by Benita French

Week Three Study Subject: Numerology

Week Two Meditation and Healing Work: Gratitude, Worry and Blessings


Healing points alleviate worries:

  • Hold the points on your head as you think of the concerns for your life. All your worries and fears about persons or situations in your life and the points on your head will release the stress and fears for you.

Practise a grateful attitude:

  • Thinking of all you’re grateful for: friends, family, pets, locations you frequent, suburb, country, devices, money, health, etc.

Blessing yourself:

  • I bless myself with the things I want to have but phrasing it in the present tense.
  • I bless myself with the type of lifestyle I want and the behaviours and people and activities, qualitities and situations I want.
  • See all the things that you want to have and become and experience and feel it run through you, feel the feelings of having it and smiling on the inside.


Definition: The study of numbers and what they mean.

Developed and very popular amongst early mathmaticians like Pythagorus (~500BC)

You are not your numbers:

…the same way that you are not your zodiac sign, but the numbers in your birthday give you a very good idea of how your energy is expressed and the types of strengths and expressions of abilities you’re likely to exhibit.

Why numerology works:

In general terms, the whole world functions on a clock and by a calendar and because of this, there is the energy of 6 plus billion people who are contributing to your birth date having meaning and energy.

Different people will use slightly different systems to explain numerology.

Numerology uses a naughts and crosses chart:


  • 1 in bottom left corner,
  • 2 in middle left space,
  • 3 in top left space.
  • 4 in middle bottom space,
  • 5 in the middle of the chart,
  • 6 in the top middle space.
  • 7 in the bottom right corner,
  • 8 in the middle right space and
  • 9 in the top right corner.
  • 0 is kept in the 9 corner but it is really circled around the whole chart.

Bottom row = physical level, physical energy, ability to express physical energy 1,4,7.

Middle row = emotional level, emotional energy, ability to express emotional energy 2, 5, 8.

A concern with lack of presence of emotional numbers:

  • It doesn’t mean you don’t have any emotions, of course you do, but your ability to express how you feel is harder and more challenging and feels like more of a struggle.
  • People who have emotional numbers:
  • These people tend to feel more of the time, than not.
  • Numbers on the emotional level tend to be the more psychic numbers.
  • It doesn’t mean that if you don’t have numbers on the emotional level, that you’re not psychic, but the likelihood of you having psychic ability is higher than not.

Top row = mental level, mental energy, ability to express mental energy 3, 6, 9.

If you have a lot of numbers on the mental level:

  • …then you’re likely to have difficulty turning your brain off, more than if you had lots of numbers on the physical.
  • You tend to think more often and feel less often as a general rule.
  • This is again, not to say that if you have lots of mental numbers you don’t feel, you do, but the default or automatic engagement of your energy will be to think first and feel second.

Energy not getting used:

  • When there are a lot of numbers on the emotional or mental levels, and it doesn’t get used, the energy spirals down and the person can go nuts with too many thoughts.
  • The energy must be used up and the energy must be medutated or exercised off.
  • The left over, unbalanced, overloaded energy from the previous day, will run into the next day and the person will be very out of sorts or the person will get obsessive withthings or the low feelings and negative thoughts they had the previous day, didn’t disappear like they hoped, because that energy is still in them because it may not havebeen exercised off.

0’s : general notes

  • 0’s have an effect on the whole chart, they don’t belong on a level of energy as such,
    ie. 0’s don’t belong on the physical, emotional or mental level of energy.
  • 0’s belong around the whole chart.

Your name has a number attached to it:

…and that has an effect on your numerology chart.

A chart is used to work out what number your name is:

  • 4 rows (across) by 9 columns (down).
  • Top row is numbered 1 to 9.
  • The second row in the first space on the extreme left, is “A” and the letters of the alphabet proceed across until “I” is under the 9 column.
  • The letters start again with “J” under the 1 column on the third row, and so on until
  • “R” is under the 9 column.
  • The letters start again with “S” under the 1 column and we end up with “Z” in the 8th column, on the bottom row.


Which name to find the number of:

There are some books and teachers who will add up all the numbers in the full name of the person (there could be four names for the person’s full name), but I don’t do that, mainly because nobody in day to day life, calls their friend Joseph Arthur Anthony Smith, all the time. They just say Joseph, or even then, the person is likely to be called Jo, especially in Australian culture, where all names are often shortened to a single syllable.

Add up the numbers of the name and the spelling of that name, which the person is called the most. So in the above example “Jo” J= 1 and O= 6, so Jo= 1+6 and so therefore Jo adds up to 7.
This includes “Mum” or “Dad” or “Boss” . These are ‘names’ too.

I suggest you move away from books that use too many calculations to do with your birth date and your name because you get lost in way too many details and you lose the point.

The point about Numerology is that it is a window into your person, or a window into the other person.

Add up more quickly with names:

When you’re adding up the person’s name, leave out the additions of the I’s and R’s because these letters are 9 letters which don’t change the final number calculated from the name.
Eg. Star is 1+ 2+ 1+ 9= 13= 1+3= 4, but the first three letters S, T and A is 1+2+1=4, which is the same number as if the 9 wasn’t included in the calculations. This can save you adding up time.

Where I learnt Numerology:

I learnt Numerology for the first time when I was in primary school. Mum had come back from a numerology class and she showed me my birthday and from that moment on, I had to know what it all meant, in every detail.

Mum learnt her numerology from a clairvoyant priest from a Church we went to in North Fitzroy (that no longer exists) but this priest wasn’t part of the ‘priest system’, even though he was trained in the system. The priest learnt numerology from his Mum born approximately at the turn of the century and she didn’t learn from a book. I got my numerology notes from Mum and then added to them over the years.

Using Paul’s numbers as an example 1.8.1967 to explain a numerology chart:

mumerology-exampleWhen Paul turned 1, he got another 1 in his numerology chart.


  • If you’re born on the 5th, you get another 5 in your chart;
  • If you’re born on the 17th, then 1+ 7= 8, so you get an ‘8’ when you turn 17;
  • If you’re born on the 28th, then 2+ 8= 10, so you get a ‘1’ and a ‘0’ when you turn 28.
  • If you’re born on the 29th, then 2+ 9= 11, 1+ 1= 2, so you get a ‘2’ when you turn 29.

So whatever date you’re born on, you get that number, when you turn that age.

When you get an additional number in your birthdate, that time in your life, or within 6 to 12 months on either side of that number coming in, is a prominent time of your life.
For example, if you get a 9 at 9 years old because your born on the 9th of the month, then 6 to 12 months before you turned 9, during your 9th year and 6 to 12 months after you turned 9, there will be significant events in your life.

If you turned 32, then roughly between 31 and 33 years of age, you will experience a prominent or a few major events in your life.
Major life events can include body changes, changes in living circumstances or location, changes in learning environments, changes in work, changes in the learning of or expressions of new talents, changes in family- life and death, near death experiences, major accidents, major relationship changes, holidays, health changes,

Generally the changes happen in your life, if not, in the lives of very close people around you, but generally the changes would happen in your life.

The numbers that get added to your numerology chart, as you turn certain ages, don’t necessarily get included in the initial assessment of the person. This is because the first 6 years of the person’s life, have the heaviest impression and the numbers the person has in those first 6 years, are the numbers that will be most heavily impressed, until which time other numbers get more heavily impressed upon the person’s nature.

The first extra number you receive in your chart, is generally a stronger number than the other numbers in your chart.
This first, extra number is called the moral lesson.
The moral lesson (if you were born on the 25th, then 2+ 5= 7) of a 7, is the lesson of that number.
You need to learn how a 7 can be used and not used in your life.

The second extra number you receive in your chart, is the strongest number in your chart (except in some rare circumstances) and it’s called the life lesson number.
The life lesson number is the number you obtain when all numbers from your birthday are added up together.
For eg. If your birthday was the 1st of August 1967:
1+ 8+ 1+ 9+ 6+ 7= 32
32= 3+2= 5.
When you turned 32, you got a 5 and this number is very strong and you’re here to learn the lessons of that number for your life.

Numbers linked with other numbers in the chart:

If you happen to get a 5 in your chart that joins the other numbers altogether, then your life and your energy will become stronger and you will feel you can do things faster and more efficiently.

You may get another number that connects other numbers that were by themselves, at a particular age, and that number will lend strength and speed to the numbers in that area because they are now all joined, as it were.

When you get new numbers, you need time to adjust to using them:

When you get a new number, because it’s ‘new’, the expression of it may be on and off for a while because you are not in the habit of having the extra number or using the extra number.
It’s like a great new tool in your toolbox… you’re not used to having it there, so you won’t think of using it or if you use it, you won’t know how to use it that well, cause everything takes practise.

The strength versus the quantity of the numbers:

The quantity of numbers doesn’t necessarily directly explain the strength of that number, for example.
If you have lots of 1s in your chart, yes the 1s would be strong, but if you’re born on the 14th of August, and August being the 8th month, therefore 14th of the 8th, the 8 is a strong number too because it come early on in the birth date.

The numbers that come early in the birth date, have more strength than the numbers that come later in the birth date. The birth date is stronger than the birth month which is stronger than the birth year, so for example: if you’re born on the 1-8-1967, then the 1 would be the strongest, the 8 would be the next strongest, the 7 at the end of 67 would be the next strongest, the 6 of 67 would be the next strongest and the century would be the weakest numbers.

So the order is: the birth date is stronger than the birth month, the birth month is stronger than the birth year, the birth year is stronger than the birth decade, the birth decade is stronger than the century.

The century numbers are the weakest, compared to other numbers in the chart, but it still carries weight, ie. A person born in 19 something will have a different energy than somebody born in 20 something, so the century numbers are strong, but weaker compared to other numbers in the chart.

Isolated numbers:

If you have numbers on the left and right columns of the chart, but no numbers down the middle column; You have numbers on the top and bottom rows of the chart but no numbers across the middle row; You have isolated numbers that are not attached to other numbers… Then you are very likely to spend most of your energy trying to integrate yourself most of the time! You can get tired for no apparent reason, you can forget things for no apparent reason, you can feel an inner conflict or inner frustration that you don’t know why it’s there, because numbers isolated from other numbers are continuously trying to connect together. Like friends who are all in different rooms, trying to talk to the other friend in the next room.


  • The number 1
    • A negative 1, is a 1 by itself, no extra 1s.
      A negative 1 tends to be more pessimistic than not, needs to prove themselves more than not, are insecure more than not.
    • A positive 1, is when there are two 1s in the chart or three 1s in the chart.
      A positive 1 person, is somebody who is generally more positive about life in general, the glass is half full, they are more secure in themselves and don’t need to show off asmuch as a negative 1.
    • A positive, but negative 1, is when there are four or more 1s, where the point isn’t whether the person is positive or not, but how rigid they are in their thinking. If theperson has four 1s, they are less rigid than if they have five 1s than if they have six 1s or more in their chart. Generally the more 1s a person has, the more reliable they are. The less 1s a person has, the less reliable. Again these notes are general not absolute accounts of numbers in a person chart.
    • A positive or negative 1, will make the whole chart positive or negative and each andevery number positive or negative.
  • The number 2
    • 2s in general are psychic and pick up on the energy and thoughts of others.
    • They are generally creative and have a flowy, moody energy and either positive or negative can be indecisive.
    • Positive 2s are creative, diplomatic and less indecisive.
    • Negative 2s are somewhat selfish, keep their energy in and are more indecisive.
  • The number 3
    • 3s are generally learners and thinkers and they’re loyal. They have speed, creativity and original ideas.
    • Positive 3s are expressive, know how to enjoy life and can enjoy creativity around them.
    • Negative 3s are fussy, get stuck in detail sometimes and can’t let go of rehearsing past events.
  • The number 4
    • 4s are generally loving people. Whether positive or negative they tend to have more energy than not, especially good talkers and are good at getting a job done.
    • Positive 4s are very accommodating and hands on.
    • Negative 4s don’t know when to stop working sometimes and can take people to task.
  • The number 5
    • In general, 5s can go from having all the words and action in the world, to no words and no action.
    • They can seem like they can live a double life, whether they arepositive or negative.
    • Positive 5s will talk more than not, will communicate more than not, are more connected to their outer world, more than not.
    • Negative 5s can be slicing with their words and big procrastinators.
  • The number 6
    • Whether positive or negative, 6s are big thinkers, they are deliberate in their thinking and tend to want to understand how things work.
    • Positive 6s are fun to be with, funny and enjoy beauty.
    • Negative 6s tend to doubt themselves more often than not and get preoccupied with worrisome thoughts.
  • The number 7
    • Given the 7s kind of act like 1s, they can make the whole chart more positive than not.
    • They are an energetic number and have a lot of drive.
    • Positive 7s are very nurturing, motherly and are highly driven people.
    • Negative 7s are bossy, overbearing and can be sloth like.
  • The number 8
    • Whether positive or negative, 8s have power! They can make things happen, unlike any other number because they know how to manifest easily.
    • They can manifest great things or terrible things for themselves.
    • Generally 8s have a knack of acquiring money when they need it, if not build it up in their life.
    • Positive 8s are loving and giving.
    • Negative 8s are extremely selfish and can manipulate badly.
  • The number 9
    • Whether positive or negative, 9s are geared toward higher knowledge and tend to have more insight than the average person and are sensitive people.
    • Positive 9s are compassionate and have deep understanding.
    • Negative 9s tend to be sensitive toward their own feelings more than others and won’t let go of negative memories.

Things that affect the expression of the numbers:

Culture, parents, education of the parents, attitude of the parents, century, environment and opportunity will determine the positive or negative expression of the person.

0’s and 7s acting like 1s:

0’s are like 1’s, and 7’s are like 1s, in that 0’s and and 7’s are like having another 1 in the chart and therefore, they can orient the whole chart to be more positive.

People born in 19 _ _ are different to people born in 20 _ _ :

  • People born in 19 something, their first number was on the physical level.
  • People born in 20 something, their first number was on the emotional level and or the psychic level, which is why the energy of the world will gradually change more and more because of the feeling orientation of the people born in this new century.

Down to earth numbers, therefore people:

People who have 1s, 4s, 7s, 8s… are generally less pretentious, down to earth people.
They tend not to care for airs and graces as much as 2s, 3s, and 9s.
Famous people- Hale Berry, Scarlet Johansson, John Farnham have very down to earth numbers.
Beauty, love or energy that isn’t shared, is a waste. Positive numbers tend to share their person, negative numbers tend not to share so much.

Triple or quadruple of the same number, these people can be healers.

A person being open or closed, energy wise, will affect their chart being read:

However open or closed your energy or personality is, is how open or closed the energy is in your chart.
If the person is open, I can read a lot more into the person. If the person is more closed, I can’t read as much into their person.

First world and third world: the expression of numbers is different:

I sometimes can’t do charts of people who are born in third world countries (forgive lack of proper political correctness) and have spent most of their life there because the expression of their numbers is very different to the expression of a person born in a Western culture.
A person who was born in a third world then moves to a first world, their personality changes because their opportunity and environment changes, hence the expression of the numbers in their chart change.

Learn by observation:

At school, I was studying my classmates all the time every day. When I’d learn what their numbers were, I’d watch to see them in action in whatever they did or didn’t express their numbers: could be how they expressed their numbers in certain subjects, with certain students or teachers, in certain activities… I was observing all the time. Learn through observation, one of the best ways to learn.

Astrology and numerology will overlap.

Birthdays/ Numerology charts interpreted

An emotional person, feels a lot, is creative, knows how to communicate, generally feels more than she thinks. The intensity of the feeling energy, will add to the intensity of her mental energy and she can feel her thoughts get too big and unmanageable. It’s very important for this person to bring their energy down to the physical, so they don’t get emotionally and mentally overloaded.

Strong person. Don’t mess with this person if they don’t want to do something. If they do want to do something, they –really- want to do it, if they don’t want to do something, they really -don’t- want to do it. A gentle, sensitive, very loving person. Ideas in a little world detached from the rest of the person’s reality.

A connected, balanced person, even though the person doesn’t have a 5 to make them connected, because the flow of energy from the numbers travel from the 9, along to the 6, then to the 3, down to the 2, down to the 1, across to the 4 and across again to the 7. This person thinks very well and is very creative. The person knows how to delegate because of the 7s. Lessons around learning to be more expressive and creative of their spiritual gifts as well.

A big thinker. A very capable person. Can get fussy, needing things to be a certain way. Good at delegating and managing other people, if not people in their own family. An 8 and 7 together: the person can be a bit on the quiet side, somewhat more often than not or when the person wants to be quiet. This person can also be the life of  the party if they choose to be. The 1s by themselves, the person can go into their own world and or they may do things that you won’t know they’ve done, til after they’ve done it.

This person would make a good Dad, a generally loving person, giving and sensitive. The 9, 8 and 7s are by themselves, which can make the person a bit quiet, however the person can then swing into being very out there, performance wise possibly with the 3s and holding the fort or stage with the 1s. There is a lot of power in this chart. If this person wanted to succeed, they could.

A very family oriented person because of the 5, 8 and 7. For this person, it can be that if their children are ok and their parents are ok, then all is right with the world. If there is a problem in the family department, then they can have difficulty functioning. 5s and 8s have a lot of capacity, they need to be doing a lot: organising other people or events. Because of the 9s to do with memory and 8s to do with holding on, if somebody does something wrong by this person, they will remember.

This person is strong and capable and doesn’t need much help with most things. They can generally figure out most things by themselves. The missing numbers on the emotional level can mean that the person could have difficulty expressing their emotions and the expression may come out in unbalanced ways. 1s and 0s are leaders and have strength to break new ground. This person can tunnel down and convince themselves that all is crap in their life or they can swing the other way and feel a world of possibilities.

This person spends more time than not trying to integrate themselves together and in feeling frustration and upset. Generally two 7s and three 1s and 3s, this person is highly capable and will impress the world more often than not. A reliable, consistent and giving person, who is likely to be good with children (because of the 7s).

9s, 7s and 2s together are very sympathetic and empathetic people. This person would make a good counsellor; other people can seem drawn to them to talk about their problems. This person would also make a good healer because they can feel how it is for the other person.

This person has a lot of energy. This person needs a lot of friends, a lot of activity and possibly they need a lot of things to produce or turn out because they have much go- go- go energy! A loving, generally very reliable character, somebody who says come to me when you’re not coping or when you need attention and fun.

This person would make a good Mum or partner, due to her accommodating and aware nature. This person has good creativity and also the know how to bring it into physical reality. Generally this person will be balanced most of the time- as you see them is how they are most of the time. 3s, 6s and 7s are numbers that want to understand and get into the spiritual and metaphysical world.

Master numbers:

There are master numbers: 11, 22, 33 and 44 etc some numerologists add up or don’t add up these numbers. I have always added them up together to a single digit. It depends where the master number falls and it’s meaning and impact on the person’s life: are they born on the 11th or 22nd, or do their numbers add up to 33 or 44?

Amazing changes happen when the number for the person’s name is a ‘5’ and is pasted into the chart that hasn’t got a 5 in it: You may have to change the spelling of your name, use a full name rather than nick name or change the name altogether to obtain the spelling for the name so that it equals a ‘5’. When you change your name, you change your life: when there is a 5 from the name added to the chart, the person’s interest in the spiritual and the natural and the alternative and their success and their personal expression and creativity, generally increases.

If the same person changes their name back to the former spelling, which may not add up to a 5, the person’s interest may return or change to their being interested in the conventional, the medical model and they may lose more money than not. This is a general tendency.


Numerology and the Divine Triangle by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker.

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