004 – Past Lives

Student notes from the 8 week Spiritual Development Course conducted by Benita French

Week Four Study Subject: Past Lives

De ja vu:

Can be about a past life memory, but more so it tends to be about a prediction through your own intuition (like what can happen in dreams) and it comes in the form of de ja vu. You’re getting a download of a predictive moment that you picked up by your own intuition or your guides.

Past life links:

All of you have had, at some point in this life, an experience where you’ve met somebody in a deliberate or spontaneous set up and in that first moment you meet them, you feel like you can suddenly talk to them or you feel inexplicably comfortable with them or you instantly dislike each other or why is there an instant emotional reaction…? Because there would have been a link from the past.

Past lives, what is it?

The lives you’ve led before this life.

Incarnated or not:

Whatever year you were born in, it is likely that a few years before you were born, you weren’t incarnated. If you were born in 1960, it’s likely that you weren’t ‘alive’ a few years, before that, so roughly between 1955, or even between 1950 to 1960 you weren’t alive.

It’s at least two years before you get born again, super rarely, hardly ever do you die at the end of 1959 and then you’re in another body and you’re born at the end of 1960. It generally never happens like that.

Some people take longer to come into the current life, for whatever reason. They could have had an illness they needed to recover from, the soul may just want a break, they don’t want any more learning for now, they may have people from the life they just came from they’re still concerned about and won’t reincarnate til they’re convinced they’re all OK.

Lessons learnt or not learnt from another life:

Whatever the soul learnt or did not learn from their previous life, they will repeat those lessons in the next life.
For example, if the soul was born in 1960, perhaps they weren’t incarnated for ten years after they died, so they may have died in 1950. If that person who died in 1950, was born in 1890 and lived for 60 years, whatever wasn’t learnt in those 60 years, will be attempted to be learnt again from their lifetime born into 1960.

The carry on of skills and qualities learnt from one life to the next:

If the person learnt a positive quality in themselves, how they related to their family or friends or the work they did, etc, those positive qualities or talents will carry on, but not always.

Say the person perfected some kind of art in their past life, say they perfected being a sculptor. Maybe in this life, they’re in an art class at school and they seem to be able to sculpt and it may become their hobby or they sell their sculptures for their income in the current life. Maybe while they were sculpting, the person was withdrawn, they may have worked away in their ‘little cave’ and nobody may have seen that person sculpt because she or he didn’t know or didn’t try to communicate to others. Perhaps the negative quality of being too withdrawn, needs to be balanced up in the next life and the person needs to learn proper communication.

You’ve changed sexes and roles from life to life:

You can be a Mum or Dad or male or female in one life and change sexes or roles in the next life.

Those close to you in this current life, you’ve known before:

If you think of the family and friends you have now, they are likely to have been the family and friends you’ve had in the past, but perhaps in different roles, and or in other lives they may have really wanted to be with you: why people meet up again.

Maybe the person was an enemy or a friend to you in another life and they wanted to change that role to help you learn something, so they come back in the opposite role.

Shirley Maclaine has some good past life examples in her books:

If anybody has read or watched Out on a Limb or Dancing in the Light and she talks about her current partner compared to her ex partner not liking each other and the past life link that explains that.

Number of past lifetimes:

How many lifetimes do you think each of you have had? Paul yells out 84. I say, at least 50 to 100 lives.

The number of people you knew over lifetimes:

Say that in one lifetime you knew a, b, c people, in the second lifetime you knew d, e, f people and the third lifetime you knew g, h, i people…etc. You can imagine over ten lifetimes, how many people you knew over that time and some or all of them come together for the 11th life you lead. It doesn’t always happen like this, but it can. It could be in a workplace where all the people come together.

A good team of people have been so before:

Bugs Bunny, the team that put it together are brilliant. The people who did the directing, producing, cartooning, the voices, the music are all brilliant. They all liked each other, they all knew each other’s friends and family, they loved working together- it never felt like work, they were all with each other for 10 hours a day every day for a decade or two. So all those people knew each other in another life.

My background in past lives:

Generally, the past life conversations happened with my Mum and eventually my Dad did join in. My Mum was very strong spiritually, my Dad was very strong health wise, all the natural health stuff. They were a very good team, for me anyway.
I was in the kitchen one weekend with my Mum and I started to spontaneously remember my past lives.
Mum went off and got a tape recorder to record whatever I was talking about. I was talking on this download for about 4 hours.
I saw where I’d known each of them before, what each of them were doing, how each of them came to know each other from another time, the problems from the other

time, the things that worked from the other time, how both of their families knew each other, where I met them, how many times I met them. Mum asked me questions about what I was seeing.

Parents supporting their children’s intuitive gifts:

I’m not the only one who’s had these experiences. There are plenty of parents who have children who are intuitively switched on.
Like in the earlier Spiritual Development class, where I talked about the little children who came up to my stand to play with the crystals, and how they organised the crystals into families without any actual knowledge.
If parents realised what their children are doing, as my Mum realised back then, more children would have their intuitive talents realised.
If parents knew what they were doing with their own spiritual experiences or information, they would know when to pull the child up to teach them or introduce them to further spiritual concepts or experiences. Fortunately my parents had a lot of belief in me and believed what I was saying and trusted that it was real.

Past lives and dreams:

Sometimes past lives can come through dreams, where you see a different time and you see people dressed differently, or you could be having a conversation with somebody in real life and suddenly it feels like it’s in a different place. All these things happen spontaneously.

From when I had that past life download, everyone, everywhere became my subject of where I knew them from. I’d be sitting in the class room at school and I’d be trying to remember where I’d known my classmates before, but they didn’t know what I was doing of course.

In the tram once, I was travelling with my sister as a teenager and I recall very clearly being opposite another passenger and I watched his eyes and clothes and face change and all this happened between tram stops.

Too much focus on past lives isn’t helping you stay in the present:

Past lives was very active for me for over a decade, but a few years ago I stopped making it a focus or it gradually became less of a focus because one of the problems with past lives, is that everything becomes about the past! Where ‘did’ I know them from? What happened ‘then’? Wasn’t it fascinating ‘then’! Everything was seemingly better ‘back then’.

Clients would come to address their relationship or health or financial problems, and too many of them wanted answers to their current life’s issued from their past lives. I found that wasn’t enough focus or responsibility taken for this life and this life’s choices.

Various problems in this life, may have and would also definitely have past life links, but you can choose to have your past life define your current life experience or not and you can choose to keep it active or not. Or you can choose to reinvent your life based on this life’s current decisions.

A bad case of broken heart caused by past life:

A client came to me with a relationship problem and I hadn’t seen for a very long time, somebody broken hearted to that degree over the fact that their relationship didn’t work out.

My client had a past life memory about the man she was with in this lifetime…
In a previous lifetime and in that past life scene, they were getting married. Part of their vows were that ‘we will commit to each other, be with each other and love each other in this life and lifetimes to come’!

It was a huge moment for my client because she realised that the marriage vows made in that lifetime together, had remained in her aura and it was why she found it so hard to let go of him.

She told me that when she entertained letting go of him, it was such a painful event because it felt like she had to let go lifetimes they’d spent together in a similar capacity. She said it felt like she wasn’t just letting go of him in this life, but in so many other lifetimes where she remembered their close association.

She had a type of ‘lifetime breakdown’ in her session but it seemed very necessary for her because she had to understand why she couldn’t let go. Now she could make sense of her pain, because of the bonds from a past life that had never been addressed or broken.

Another bad case of a broken heart caused by past life:

A client told me she was totally in love with somebody and couldn’t get over him. I looked at a photo of the both of them and I saw that she did have a relationship and a family with the man in question and she died on him and left him with all the children.

She was nervous and excited and a bit upset all at the same time because she said that was one of the first things he had said to her: he’d fall in love with her, they’d try and have a life together and then some fatal accident would happen and she would die and he’d emotionally die of a broken heart and have to somehow cope for the rest of his life without her.

I said to my client he was psychic, he ‘remembered’ but thought he was quoting something from a book or movie. It explained why she took years to get over this man she was in love with. They weren’t meant to work out anyway and so his ‘memory’ of her would help the relationship come to an end a lot sooner than later.

Tired of the same ol’ thing:

You may have been a carpenter 8 lifetimes ago, maybe 6 lifetimes ago you built a house, maybe 3 lifetimes ago you were great at wood work in whatever capacity, then in this life… you see a home and garden do it yourself magazine and your reaction is BORING. Why? Because you’ve done that already, it’s so familiar to you!

It doesn’t necessarily mean that because you did wood work in other lives that this lifetime your ambition was to do something more with woodwork and make it a successful business. Some skills and talents don’t get exercised further.

I had a client who was going on a world trip and she was so clear that she wasn’t going to visit notable places where there are millions of tourists going to per year, places like the pyramids and the great wall of china.

When she was in a session with me, she acted guilty like she didn’t want to seem against particular countries or nations, but she just didn’t want to go there for her holiday, despite so many friends and family telling her she must go.

Later in the session I asked her ‘is the feeling like you’ve had ‘enough’ of those places in the world?’ and her eyes lit up and she exclaimed ‘yes, that’s what the feeling is, I’ve had enough of those places’. That person may have had so many lifetimes in those countries, where she perhaps saw the great wall of china being built, or perhaps she lived very close to where the pyramids were hundreds or thousands of years ago. She had already had experiences in those countries with those notable landmarks, BEFORE everybody was taking photos of them!

Your positive or negative experience in a past life can determine and explain your attitude in this current lifetime:

It may be that a person born in 1940, lived in a castle in England 4 and 7 and 10 lifetimes ago. Their experience may have been that they had lots of money, they didn’t suffer and life was generally good. This lifetime, the same person goes back to England to visit castles and fully enjoys the experience, because they had pleasant memories of being back there.

Another person can watch scenes of castles from a movie, but unbeknown to them, their ‘memory’ of castles is quite negative. That person can’t watch those scenes in the movie to do with castles, because their lifetimes in castles were tragic, full of injustices, perhaps illness or whatever the hard luck story was.

Movies, art, music, atmosphere and history as past life links:

Movies: ones set in other times, countries or cultures other than your own, and how you react to them, are a good indicator of where you lived in another life.
Art can also be a similar indicator.

Your past life memory can be stimulated in environments that give you a similar feeling now, as they did then.

Your past life memory can be stimulated by music, associated with other times in history or the music belonging to certain groups or orders can help you link with the past.

Attracted to times in history? Some people go into libraries and they HAVE to know about a particular period in history or they have to know about a particular town or about a particular ruler. Why? Because maybe that person in history was them, maybe they lived in that time or near that person or maybe their friend or family member benefited from or suffered from the person they’re reading about in this current lifetime, in a library book.

Past life meditation:

  • Hold those points on your head (two points, one of each side of your forehead, in line with your eyes, between your eyebrows and your hairline) or put your finger tips together at your heart, the same as you would do with the I Am meditation.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t see any images in this exercise, but good on you if you do see images.

    • Start with 3 minutes for this meditation, then work your way up to 5 minutes, then 7 then 10 minutes or however many minutes you can concentrate for. It’s not necessary
      to exceed 30 minutes.
    • You’re walking in the direction of your local cinema (check in with your own ability to visualise at this point). Can you see the path or street that leads to your cinema?
    • Walk up the steps, walk into the theatre. You have the whole theatre to yourself, what a nice feeling.
    • The general ads are on, then the movie ads are on, then the lights dim, the curtain widens, and you can see a big black screen and you know, at any minute now, the movie is going to start.
    • The big black screen that turns into an image, will be one of your past lives.
    • In the images that you may see, check to see if you’re male or female; note what country you could be in; how are you dressed?
    • Just stay in this place of the theatre, in the dark, staring at the screen, whether there are images there or not. Let the images appear or if they have appeared, let the images continue to roll on…
    • Breathing, keep your breathing up, in through your nose, out through your mouth.
    • Always feel safe, everything is fine. You’re grounded in this current reality.
    • Set aside whatever judgements you might have about whether you’re making things up in your head, that the images aren’t really real. Let those judgements go, just let the images be whatever they are.
    • Feel relaxed, whether you’re seeing images or not seeing images, remain relaxed if you can’t see images- don’t stress yourself to see them. Don’t strain yourself or force anything, just let this process be how it is.
  • At the end of this meditation, let yourself slowly come forward into the present time.
    • You may need to count up century by century, or decade by decade, or if you haven’t seen any images, that’s OK, gradually bring yourself into the current reality.
    • See the curtains close over the big screen, you’re getting up off your seat in the theatre, you’re leaving the cinema and you’re walking back to the room you’re doing the meditation in.
    • When you return to the room you’re in, feel fully present, and returned and safe and wiggle your toes. If you feel part of you is still back there, that’s OK, you’ll eventually come back very soon.

Past life meditation opens the door for you:

Whether you did or didn’t have an experience with the past life memory in the past life meditation, the door to accessing your past lives is either open or you are on the path to heading toward opening that door.

When you WANT to remember you past lives, you will. It’s like your dreams. When you want to remember your dreams, eventually you will remember them because there’s a desire to do that.

You may sit there in front of the cinema screen for ages next time you want to recall your past lives, just let whatever happens.

It doesn’t have to be a cinema screen, it could be a door. When you get used to accessing the path where you recall your past lives, you could be putting your supermarket shopping through the register or sitting on the loo and you could remember a past life.

You may have your intuitive door open for other types of intuitive experiences, it may not be past lives that you’re strong with at the moment, but that will come forward for you more, if you want it to.

You can do the past life meditation exercise whenever you like, to deliberately find out where you knew your current partner, an ex partner, a friend, a relative, a child, your boss, whomever you want to investigate.

Sometimes you may not have a vision of the exact scenario or person you’re wanting to investigate. You may think that your efforts are not working because you’re seeing images that you think have nothing to do with the person or situation you want to know about. Rest assured it IS working, you may not be used to your intuitive, past life ‘dial’ yet. Don’t worry about the dial and its accuracy and directing what you see, that skill will come the more you get into the past life recall exercise.

Cliché about past lives:

Too many people have a throw away attitude toward past lives. A basic, general, possibly silly comment would be that you were or they were a King or Queen in another life. Yes and no, maybe but maybe not. The lifetimes when you were known, aren’t necessarily more important than the lifetimes when you weren’t known.

A word on karma and past lives:

It may not be a big charitable moment where you gave money or food away to those in need, to earn good karma points, perhaps you just had a philosophy of doing no harm.

It may be… that because you gave half your fortune to a family or a town in need, then those family members or people from that town, in this current life will give you a job or give you money or provide you with business forever. Or maybe not…

Karma, is generally as you give out, so you get back. If you give out anger, you get that back from people, if you give out generosity and kindness, you get that back from people. But the so called good or bad karma, may not be experienced in the way it was given out.

The gap between lives can be long because of unfinished business:

My client (let’s call her Antoinette) Mother was roughly born at the turn of last century, she died in 1970. She had 7 or 8 siblings, so there were a lot of children in her family. Odd for that time in history, but her father seemed to be at home a fair bit, but her Mother wasn’t at home so much.

Over that lifetime, Antoinette’s Mother had many children that she didn’t really get to know, because she wasn’t at home for any extended or regular period of time. The children were upset that they didn’t get to know their Mother, the Mother was upset that she didn’t get to know her children, so the family was estranged.

In a session with Antoinette, I saw her Mother standing behind her. So at this point, you could ask: how come the Mother hadn’t been reborn yet. True, but the question is more so, WHY had she chosen not to cross over… because, she missed out on her family as they were growing up, she wanted to hang around so that she could ‘look after’ them and do the looking after that she didn’t do or couldn’t do, while she was alive.

Antoinette found it a little difficult to accept that the Mother was still hanging around, given that she hadn’t hung around in her real life, so why should she do it now! I said to Antoinette that she must have something significant going on or about to occur in her life because it would explain why her Mother was near. She said she was about to get married. So the Mother wanted to be around for her child’s, my client’s, significant life event…

Clues you can use to place where you may have been in your past life:

Food you like or strongly dislike, culture you’re drawn to or are strongly repulsed by, a country you’re attracted to or not attracted to at all, movies that you want to watch set in a particular place and time, or likewise, those movies you find difficult to watch because of where they’re set.

Does it always have to be a period in history that we’re familiar with?
No… you may have a memory of a lifetime on another planet, in another galaxy… You may have remembered the sky being a different color, you may have remembered being in an army that seemed much like one of the scenes from Lord of the Rings.

Look up in the sky, there are billions of planets, there ARE people there… Maybe they don’t look like you and I, or maybe they do, but there are beings on other planets and you are likely to have been one of those beings.

Some people, when they look up at the sky, they look up at some parts of the sky more than others. Why? Possibly because that’s where they came from…

Where did all the souls come from in the last 100 years?
Not just because people multiply and it can seem like Maths, and it is Maths to a point, but where did all the souls come from nonetheless…? For argument sake, there was about a billion people on the Earth 100 years ago, and now there are 6 billion plus people.

There a lot of souls that want to come to earth, from other planets and galaxies. They want to come to Earth because there’s a lot of free will allowed on earth that wouldn’t be allowed in other galaxies and planets.

Some clients come to me and tell me they feel a soul around them that wants to be born, my reply to that sometimes is that there are millions of souls ‘waiting’ to get a spot on earth, no wonder a woman can feel ‘a’ soul wanting to come in.

More clues about your past lives: birthmarks, scars, moles.

I had a Mother and son coming for a consult and they both had a birthmark in roughly the same place and their birthdays were also on the same date. Body evidence and numerological evidence can show that two people knew each other before.

Past lives don’t relate to genealogy:

If you’re African in this life, and your parents were African and Spanish and the Spanish parent had Spanish parents but the African parent had Sri Lankan and African parents, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your past lives have been lived in those countries, just because your lineage suggests that. It doesn’t line up. The line up is sometimes inappropriate. It’s about souls coming together, not the lineage related to this life.

A map for your life decided before you were born:

Before you come into your next life, you have a meeting of souls where you meet and plan with the souls that you will encounter later, what you aim to accomplish. You come to joint agreements as to which soul will teach what to other souls and vice versa.

You may meet all these souls (once altogether having a meeting before the next life was lived) in one place, like at a work place or at a class, or you may meet these souls over a series of decades. At the end of your life, you all meet up again and have another meeting. You all kiss and make up and reconnect and you discuss what was accomplished and what wasn’t accomplished.

As souls all together, things are all loving and understanding, on earth, we can get catty. This lifetime is like a big stage, but backstage, before this life, is when you did the planning for it.

Past life related movie:

Cloud Atlas.
Café de Flore.
Movie: Out on a Limb (Shirley Maclaine)

HOMEWORK:  Go back to the past life movie screen and investigate…

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