Psychic Readings


Benita is an author and expert Psychic reader and Spiritual development teacher. She has actively developed her intuition from childhood and it has become her way of life as well as Benita’s business.

Contents of this page:
A- What is a reading/ How is a reading incorporated into your session
B- What happens in a reading

Forms of divination/ types of intuitive readings

1- Communication with beings (humans/ pets) in the spirit world
2- Dream interpretation
3- Numerology
4- Past Lives
5- Tarot

C- What you will need for your session
D- How do the readings work by phone/ online (without video call)

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1-What is a ‘reading’? How is a reading incorporated into your session?
-A reading is called a reading because the reader, reads the person’s energy.
-The person’s energy can be read by itself or through something, eg. through Tarot cards, through Numerology, etc.
-A ‘reading’ is one word that quickly summarizes what is in fact a modality of psychic experience and the therapy connected to it.
-No single reading is the focus of your session, that is, your session is not ALL about your dreams or all about your birth numbers…etc.
-Each reading is directly applied to your life in order to lend clarity, to help resolve issues regarding your relationship, work, family problem or whatever you are going through.

2-What happens in a reading?
-Benita can feel your energy from when you first make contact with her about your appointment.
-She continues to tune into your energy by looking at your Numerology as well as using other cues to read your energy.
-Benita is guided by her angels and guides in your reading. This is not said lightly, they talk to her during the session and advise her on what you need.
-Benita is happy to explore ANY type of reading you’re interested in during your session.
-Photos are welcome.
-You are likely to have a lot of issues to get off your chest and Benita will listen intently. Know that she does not think that you are waffling, boring or exaggerating, as may be your opinion of yourself.
-Each session with each person is different.

Forms of divination/ Types of Intuitive Readings
*Communication with beings (humans/ pets) in the spirit world
*Dream interpretation
*Past Lives
(All described in more detail below)

1- Communication with beings in the spirit world
You feel you may lose a loved one in the near future
You have lost a loved one recently or perhaps it was years ago
You wonder about a number of things…
What will they go through; what will you go through; how should you cope; how will they cope; where are they now; should you connect with them; how can you connect with them; how can you disconnect from them; what do they think?
Benita can help you identify ways that you are already connected to them but may not know it. She can alleviate your fears and pain by helping you cope with the coming changes; by helping you work through some of your grief; by communicating what happens on ‘the other side’ and conveying anything that she feels from their spirit.

2- Dream interpretation
Dreams are ‘free’ help from your angels/ guides/ higher self, every night. If you remember your dreams, you must write them down. People you know or used to know may be communicating to your through your dreams, especially loved ones or those you used to love. You may dream of a beginning, progression or ending with certain people. You may have dreams that point to developments or changes in your work, favourite interest or health. There is an enormous amount of helpful advice, solutions and wisdom in your dreams. Dream interpretation can help reduce the anxiety and worry about ‘not knowing’ and can help life feel easier, with more meaning.

3- Numerology
The numbers in your birth date are like a set of tools. Once you understand how they can be used, you will come to know yourself better, understand more about your potential, how you can best use your strengths and how to best deal with perceived limitations. Benita can explain how your numbers work with somebody else’s numbers, i.e. How the numerology of a loved one and your numerology work together. Likely events and times of significant change may be forecasted for you through numerology. Benita can address the numerology of your name and it’s spelling and how it can influence your present and future. She can explain the meaning of repeat numbers that you might notice when you look at the clock, your phone or other places. Benita can help you connect with yourself and believe in yourself by using Numerology as ‘proof’ that life can work for you.

4- Past Lives
All of us have lived other lives, in other countries and as both sexes. Benita reads off your energy, your voice and photos of yourself and others you may know. Past lives help shed light on the history of you or the history of you and another. Why you like certain things and certain places or why there is a loving bond or a problem between you and another can be explained through past lives. Benita picks up on lifetimes that are connected with a theme you are experiencing in your life right now. An understanding of past lives can help you focus on this one properly and can help you release past patterns that are no longer relevant.

5- Tarot- Benita French is the author of “True Tarot”
Your higher self/ angels/ guides/ the Universe are trying to talk to you all the time. They say ‘hey, it’s okay, you’re allowed to feel what you feel, you don’t need to be confused, you don’t need to worry, here’s wat you need to do… Just select some Tarot cards and we can communicate our message to you that way’. Benita may notice certain people in the cards who are influencing your life at the moment and how something is likely to develop with them or not. She can give you an indication of likely outcomes regarding a specific individual or a certain situation and communicate perspectives to you that you may have previously dismissed or not thought of.

C- What you will need for your session:
1- A quiet place alone, away from interruption.
2- A lit candle.
3- Pen and paper/ notebook/ a special journal to write in.
(Optional: photos and birthdates of people you want to know about).

D- How do the readings work
by phone/ online (without video call)
Benita intuitively connects with her client’s energy, no matter where they may be physically located. Benita began offering phone sessions in 2010 and online since 2013. The only thing that is different about a session by phone/ online as compared to a session in-person, is the physical experience. The quality of the reading with Benita is the same. What she would show you in person, is still shown to you except through photos. With Tarot, as an example, she shuffles the cards on your behalf but you may instruct her regarding which cards you would like.

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