Psychic Readings


Benita is an author, an expert Psychic reader and Spiritual development teacher. She has actively developed and used her intuition from childhood and it has become Benita’s way of life, her business and is expressed in her books.

What is a ‘reading’ ?
-A reading is called a reading because the reader, reads the person’s energy.
-The person’s energy can be read by itself or through something, eg. through Tarot cards, through Numerology, etc.
-A reading is one word that quickly summarizes what is in fact a modality of psychic experience and the therapy connected to it.
-A reading is or should be about divination (see section 5) as opposed to fortune telling.
-Readings help to resolve issues regarding your relationship, work, family problem or whatever you are going through.

Types of Intuitive Readings/ Forms of divination
1 Communication with beings (humans/ pets) in the spirit world
2 Dream interpretation
3 Numerology
4 Past Lives
5 Tarot
(All described in more detail below)

1 Communication with beings in the spirit world
You feel you may lose a loved one in the near future
You have lost a loved one recently or perhaps it was years ago
You wonder about a number of things…
What will they go through; what will you go through; how should you cope; how are they coping; where are they now; should you connect with them; how can you connect with them; how can you disconnect from them; what do they think?
You are already connected to your loved ones but may not know it. You can increase your connection with them (if it is healthy to do so) through meditation and by paying attention to your intuitive moments and your dreams.

2 Dream interpretation
-Dreams are ‘free’ help every night from your angels/ guides/ higher self.
-If you remember your dreams, you must write them down.
-If you don’t remember your dreams, you can again if you wish to hard enough and regularly enough.
-People you know or used to know may be communicating to your through your dreams, especially loved ones or those you used to love.
-You may dream of a beginning, progression or ending with certain people.
-You may have dreams that point to developments or changes in your work, favourite interest or health.
There is an enormous amount of helpful advice, solutions, wisdom and guidance in your dreams.

3 Numerology
-The numbers in your birth date are like a code. Once you understand how to decipher it, you will come to know yourself better and trust yourself more.
-The numbers in your birthdate are also like tools. Once you become familiar with them, you might employ your strengths with greater confidence and deal with perceived limitations better.
-Your numerology and another’s numerology can be addressed together in terms of how the two of you might work together as colleagues or in a relationship.
-Likely events and times of significant change may be forecasted through numerology.
-The numerology of your name and it’s spelling can influence your present and future.
-Repeat numbers that you might notice when you look at the clock, your phone or other places is a part of numerology but not necessarily linked with your personal numerology that comes from your birth date.
Numerology is the quickest way to get to know somebody and yourself. 

4 Past Lives
-All of us have lived other lives before this birth, in other countries and as both sexes.
-Your energy, your voice and photos of yourself and others can be used to access past lives.
-Past lives help shed light on the history of you or the history of you and another.
-Why you like or dislike certain things and places or why there is a loving bond or problem between you and another, can be explained through past lives.
-The past life that may present itself is always connected with a theme you are experiencing in your life right now.
An understanding of past lives can help you focus on this life properly and can help you release past patterns that are no longer relevant and getting in the way.

5 Tarot- Benita French is the author of “True Tarot”
-Your higher self/ angels/ guides/ the Universe are trying to talk to you all the time. They say “hey, it’s okay, you’re allowed to feel what you feel, you don’t need to be confused, here’s what you need to do… Just remember your dreams… Oh… you forgot your dream… No worries, just select some Tarot cards and we can communicate our message to you that way”.
-There are often people represented by the cards who are influencing your life at the moment and developments that may occur.
-Specific individuals or certain situations can be reflected in the cards, yielding perspectives that you may have previously dismissed or not thought of.
A tarot card drawn daily or weekly, or a tarot reading performed weekly or monthly, can improve your peace and direction.

Benita encourages you to connect with your spirituality
however you can and however often you can.