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Learn Tarot with Benita French…

My next Tarot Course
starts on
TBA, 2014.

I am hoping you can join me for a fun and complete exploration
in to the insightful “World of Tarot.”

Every Tuesday evening for 8 weeks at my healing practice in Eltham (Melbourne, Australia).

“Gain the answers you seek… To love, relationships & your future.”

Tarot Course MelbourneNot all information can’t be learned from books. In this course I will be sharing 30 years of knowledge and hands on experience based on the Tarot readings I conduct with regular clients.

This Complete Tarot Course includes:

  • A Free Tarot Deck
  • A Free Tarot Book
  • Every Tarot card outlined in full detail.
  • How to become your own counsellor.
  • How to lend guidance to others.
  • How and when to consult the Tarot deck.
  • The best deck to use and the divisions of the cards.
  • Shuffles, intent, questions and spreads.
  • What are you connecting to when consulting the Tarot.
  • How to develop your psychic skills and combine them with the Tarot.
  • How to combine your psychic intuition with the cards that fall.

The early bird discount ends on 31st of March 2013.

CALL BENITA on 0419 147 036 to reserve a place.

Full Course Details Below

Tarot Course Melbourne (ELTHAM), Australia.

WHERE: The course takes place every Tuesday from 6:30pm to 8pm near the Eltham Police Station at the rear of the Eltham shopping district.

WHEN: Course starts (TBA 2014). Class duration is 90mins plus an additional and casual 30min question time if required.

WHY:  Become your own counsellor, lend guidance to others, andgain the answers you seek tolove, relationships & your future.

WHAT: Each Tarot lesson will also include training and practise in Meditation and Healing:

NOTE: $325 early bird price expires 31st March 2013


med10123EVERY SESSION BEGINS WITH MEDITATION: Meditation is one of the most simple and yet powerful practises that anyone can use, to better all aspects of their life. Benita starts each and every Tarot session with a simple but profoundly effective “I Am” meditation.

The purpose of these meditations is to immediately release you from the known aspects of your life, so that you are not bound up with the daily conditioning of your mind, your being and your body. These pre-Tarot Class meditations will move you into a more creative realm of possibility and discovery.

There are no religious affiliations with any of Benita’s teachings. The meditation period will be a guided experience beginning with gratitude for all the things you already have and moving you towards a place where you can simply focus on the self and then finally leading you towards a better position to create what YOU want in YOUR life.


med10123EVERY SESSION INCLUDES A GROUP HEALING SESSION: Healers invest long periods of time with their clients, listening to all the aspects of their Emotional, Spiritual, Mental, Energetic and Physical life. Healing is caring for and helping another individual. Benita’s experience in this field is extensive, and her dedication to healing has been constant and unbroken for the past 30 years.

Each Spiritual Development session will include a self-healing and a group-healing session. One entire study session will be devoted to a better understanding of the many vibrational energies within the mind, body and spirit… and how to heal those energies in yourself and others.


med10123THE COMPLETE TAROT COURSE: Across eight different Tuesday nights, will include an extensive study section, covering the many aspects of Tarot based on the wealth of information and experience Benita has collected over the past 30 years.

Benita will guide you through each Tarot Card using hands on experience, case studies and live examples of the knowledge in action.

  • WEEK ONE: The Deck, The Cards and the Clients
  • WEEK TWO: Every Major Arcana Card Explained
  • WEEK THREE: Every Wand Card Explained
  • WEEK FOUR: Every Cup Card Explained

  • WEEK FIVE: Every Sword Card Explained
  • WEEK SIX: Every Pentacle Card Explained
  • WEEK SEVEN: Spreads and Shuffles
  • WEEK EIGHT: Developing Your Psychic Intuition

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Benita French is a professional Tarot reader, a qualified counselor, and an accredited healer at Kinesiology Melbourne.

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