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Thank you for our sessions. I come out of them feeling
confident that I have the right to have my needs met. I sincerely mean these words. You have helped me so much and I’m really great-full. It shows your complete level of care towards your clients. Our consultations so far have been such a blessing to my life.
Jizelle, Jazz singer, Melbourne, Australia.

My sessions with Benita were something I always looked forward to. Her calm and supportive energy was something I needed whilst navigating a challenging time in my life. The sessions themselves allowed me to see fully into the obstacles I was facing and Benita always, with kindness and knowledge helped me find security and peace in what I was going through. Benita has continued to pop into my life at times that are significant. Her intuition is strong and deep.
Liz, Writer, New York, New York.

Benita said I would hear from the man I asked about in my appointment, very soon. I wanted to believe her but I still felt negative because I hadn’t seen him or heard from him for a few months. Within minutes after the appointment ended, I went out my front door to collect the mail. I thought I was seeing things- I saw him on the street!
Bridgitte, Dental assistant, Melbourne, Australia.

I’ve had a couple of appointments with Benita and sometime afterwards, something extraordinary happened. Usually if people ask me if I’m okay, I just tell them I’m okay, that I can look after myself. Then I got really ill and for the first time in my life, I allowed somebody to look after me, instead of always managing by myself. It was profound.
Morna, Nurse (retired), Adelaide, Australia.

You’ve made the last couple years since I’ve been in Melbourne a lot easier for me so thanks.
Hayley, Travel consultant, Melbourne, Australia.

When I first met Benita I was feeling confused and a bit lost. Very quickly Benita clarified what was important to me and guided me to a future I never thought was possible. I have been able to put into action a better work/life balance and have met someone after a long spell of being single. Through affirmations, tarot readings, healings and positive thought processes over only a few sessions, she was truly amazing at unplugging roadblocks I had and showed me a more positive future that has now turned out to be true. I highly recommend Benita, she has such a warm and nurturing spirit that feels completely genuine.
Debbie, Admin manager, Sydney, Australia.

You’re so wonderful Benita. I respect you enormously and feel very lucky to have found you. You always make the world of difference. Thank you xoxo
Melinda, Interpreter, Brisbane, Australia.

I’ve been having sessions with Benita for years and years and it was mainly to help with my relationship at the time. She was great by the way, she always had an insight that would bring me so much peace. I thought I’d raise a different problem for my appointment which was that I had been wanting more customers and asked Benita about this. She helped me to realize how I was thinking about money. The day of my appointment with her, I’ll never forget it, two customers made bookings and they were in the ideal works conditions I wanted. I made another appointment with Benita soon afterward, wondering if it was just luck the first time. It wasn’t. During the appointment (I didn’t realize it at the time because I was busy having the appointment and was not checking my lines of communication) I was contacted by more customers!
Rebecca, Freelance writer, Melbourne, Australia.

I ask for guidance and for the angels to speak to me and then Benita contacts me- even when I’m overseas!  I think she knows!  Omg! Just at the right time. It’s really how it is- I’m not saying it to please her for this review.
Lyn, Sales manager, Darwin, Australia.

I just wanted to let you know that my hip is a lot better already by about 85% Thank you for the session yesterday Benita, it helped so much 🙂

Nelly, Mother, Melbourne, Australia.

Thank you for helping me believe that I have a right to know if the other person is sharing their body with somebody else besides me. Thank you for your enthusiasm and support on the long healing journey I’ve been on with you.
Lisa, Personal assistant, Perth, Australia.

Hi Benita, here’s a testimonial for your website: Benita is a warm person who instantly made me feel comfortable. She is an intuitive and empathic healer, listening to my concerns and helping me work through them at my own pace. Something we talked about was problems I was having with my parents, how they stuck their nose into my business. Benita helped me with my boundaries. I started saying no to them for the first time in decades. It felt wrong, but so right.
Sam, Admin, Melbourne, Australia.

The healing did me good. I looked different afterward. Things definitely got lifted off my face. I looked younger. I thought it was in my head when I looked in the mirror but Benita confirmed it. I really did look younger. I thought about some things she said, like earning an income from my creativity. I felt more enthusiastic about getting back to my art and crafts than I have done in years. 
Rosemary, Carer, Melbourne, Australia.

You know how you call to the Universe asking for help. Well I believe you were sent to me Benita.
Vera, Actor, London, UK.

I had a skin condition, a rash. It debilitated me for a few months, I couldn’t sleep, I had to take time off work and seek medical treatment. It subsided but it didn’t really go away. Then it flared up again. This time the doctors recommended treatment that was similar to cancer treatment (even though I didn’t have cancer) because my skin was so bad. I didn’t want to go down a chemical treatment path. I was recommended to see Benita (without being told exactly what she did). Had I known she was an alternative therapist, I probably wouldn’t have gone at all. I remember thinking at the time why was Benita asking me so many questions, why was she so interested in how I felt and what I wanted. I honestly didn’t think it was relevant to anything. I got quite worked up actually. I had booked in to see Benita a few weeks later. Before my next appointment with her, my skin healed completely! I believe in spiritual healers now.
Tilly, Sales manager, Sydney, Australia.

I had missed seeing my partner so much, it was really hard to bare. Benita said it will feel like he was just around the corner, even though he had been interstate. The same day of the session, it was just like she said. He was around the corner, literally. I was wrapped.
Jill, Customer service, Perth, Australia.

Thank you Benita… For the opportunity to speak those things which, from necessity, have been hidden for so long. Your reassurance has made me a little braver about acknowledging my needs.
Mary, Author, Melbourne, Australia.

I feel lighter in my body. I feel less worried. I feel like I can face it tomorrow. (Going to court to start divorce proceedings with awful manipulative ex).
Jenny, Mother, Melbourne, Australia.

I didn’t want to get hurt again in my current relationship. I didn’t want to let myself go ‘there’. After the session I felt like what’s the worst that can happen… There’s nothing to be scared of really. Something made me want him more, the guy who’s in my life. It didn’t feel safe before, now it did feel safe to have him closer. 
Sally, Teacher, Melbourne, Australia.

I feel like I can breathe. I feel balanced and energetic. The headaches I was getting were much less frequent in regularity and intensity, since the sessions with Benita. After I saw her one day, I saw another practitioner for something else. She said ‘what have you done to yourself? Layers and layers have come off you!’
Sally, Occupational Therapist, Melbourne, Australia.

I was getting dizzy spells for months, more and more intensely to the point where I couldn’t drive and then it got worse, I couldn’t walk around in a public space. I had to do something. I had one session with Benita. I woke up the next day and felt normal as if I had never been dizzy. I could hardly believe it. Thank you Benita. I don’t know what you did to make such a huge difference in such a short time. But I do know I felt deeply cared for, by you and it worked miracles for me.
Milly, Hospitality supervisor, Melbourne, Australia. 

I can definitely say that the tension I had on my shoulder is gone. Thank you Benita. My shoulder used to be very tense when I hear or see my in-laws but not anymore. After the session I felt amazing like in my 20’s, feeling like I could conquer the world. I do feel happier and more at peace.
Molly, Teacher, Canberra, Australia.

It was lovely talking to Benita. It was good that I was able to open up to her about my life.
Alyssa, Chef, Melbourne, Australia.

You’re such a great listener Benita.
Joy, Bookkeeper, Melbourne, Australia.

After the session, I wasn’t upset anymore about how my family had given me a hard time. I felt I was right to speak up. I went to a party immediately after the session and I wasn’t feeling left out like I usually do. I could pin point things and call people out on the crap they aimed at me.
Amelia, Aromatherapist, Melbourne, Australia.

It resonates, everything. You hit the nail on the head Benita.
Fran, Hospitality, Sydney, Australia.