10 Law of Attraction & Manifesting Techniques

10 Law of Attraction Techniques

  1. It’s very important to wish and want. When you’re wishing you are manifesting. When you’re wanting you are manifesting. 
  2. Hold the pictures, of what you want, in your mind.
  3. Feel worthy of having those pictures in your mind. Feeling worthy of having more and truly believed that something good is possible for you, will bring it about.
  4. Experience now, all the feelings as if you already have what you want. 
  5. People can manifest accidentally without even trying because they’re not putting a limitation on the small things that they want. Stop putting negative limitations on things you want. Limitations come in with big things and you think it can’t happen for you. 
  6. Detach from family members who continue to support the negative limitations you have learnt from them. 
  7. Surround yourself with people who can help you believe that a life with more income, a better lifestyle, a better business is possible.
  8. Retrain your beliefs into one where anything is possible for you.
  9. Daily practise at holding the images in your mind of what you want and the more you can feel really excited about having those things will speed up at the reality that you wanted to come about. So if you’re only thinking about what you want for 5 seconds once a month then it’s going to take you longer than if you practise thinking about it for 5 minutes.
  10. You can manifest a man,  start with the criteria. what you want your man to have as far as emotional qualities and attitudes to life and lifestyle.

The intensive work I do with clients is discovering the negative beliefs they have picked up through the conditioning of family and past relationships and then getting them to actually believe that what they want Could Happen and “This could be my life.” 

And you can always have a session with me so that I can help get you in the right kind of thinking, the right mindset to bring things about! 

It can happen for you quicker than not so feel it’s possible and use me as a tool, I’m here! 

It’s all possible! It’s all possible for you! 

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