What is Kinesiology

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1-What is Natural Healing?
2-What is Energy Healing?
3-What is the 5 element system?
4-What Is Muscle Testing?
5-What Is Divination?
6-What Is An Imbalance?
7-Why Is A Kinesiology Treatment Called A Balance?
8-What is Kinergetics?

1-What Is Natural Healing?

-Natural healing is healing your body/ emotions/ mind/ spirit naturally, without using anything unnatural or artificial, without medication or operations.
-Natural healing is like natural health, but the difference is natural health tends to focus on the body more often, whereas natural healing addresses your whole being.
-Kinesiology is natural healing and addresses your whole being. When your whole being is addressed, it is called the wholistic approach.
-From childhood, Benita was raised with a holistic approach to health and fully understands how important it is to consider the whole person, not just a part of the person that may be unwell or unhappy.

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2-What Is Energy Healing?
-Energy healing is healing somebody or yourself, using energy.
-Energy is invisible to the physical eye, but for those who are intuitively inclined or have psychic ability, energy can be felt, seen or heard, amidst other forms.
-Eg1. The energy you feel when you’re standing on the shore at a beach, is very different to the energy you feel standing at a busy intersection.
-Eg2. The energy or ‘feeling’ you have when you’re next to an agitated person, is different to the energy you feel when standing next to a calm person, even if you can’t see them or hear them, they may just be near you.
-Healing energy is a (more) pure form of energy, as the intention of the healer and the person seeking the healing, is to improve the person’s health and wellbeing.
-Energy has numerous expressions: there is physical energy, there is emotional energy, mental energy and spiritual energy.
-It is mainly emotional and spiritual energy that the healer and the person seeking the healing are using during energy healing.
-Energy ‘travels’ all over the place. Energy travels by intention/ desire/ thoughts/ feelings and is not pinned down to a certain physical location.
-Energy can be channelled through the person giving the healing, energy can shift within the person receiving the healing, energy can be felt or experienced in the healing room or in the healing space.
-Energy healing is not determined by rigid structures and processes concerning how the healing is ‘meant’ to be carried out. The processes can help and are still effective, but energy healing occurs with or without a healing structure.
-Energy healing covers a wide range of modalities including Reiki, Spiritual healing, Pranic healing and of course Kinesiology healing.
-When it comes down to the actual healing work, the ‘names’ mean nothing. It’s about which type of energy healing system the healer uses or the client has had experience with.
-Benita has been practising energy healing and spiritual healing since childhood. She regularly gave fr.ee healing sessions to family, friends and strangers for well over a decade, before she practised professionally from 1998.

3-What Is The 5 Element System?
-In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the 5 element system is used to understand where the body is balanced and where the body is imbalanced.
-Organs in the body are linked to elements, eg. The stomach and spleen organs are in the earth element; the large intestine and the lung organs are in the metal element.
-Each element is linked with seasons of the year, particular nutrition, emotions and thoughts, amidst others.
-Each element is also connected to each other element, which means that if there is a problem in one element or pair of organs, it will affect the health of other elements or pair of organs.
-Kinesiology uses the 5 element system to help a person improve their spiritual/ mental/ emotional/ physical health.
-Kinesiologist don’t use herbs or acupuncture needles to treat the person like TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) does. Kinesiologists treat the person using energy and use other items and processes (see “What is used in a Kinesiology healing”).
-Benita has had exposure to and has had treatments in TCM and ayurvedic medicine since childhood and continued her treatments on and off over many years. She is very aware of how effective TCM is by itself and has experienced it’s fundamentals employed in Kinesiology.
-Benita gives diet advice to her clients which can be summarised as
decreasing medication/ recreational drugs/ pharmaceutical drugs/ alcohol/ smoking/ consumption of animals and animal products
increasing the intake of pure water/ fresh fruit/ fresh vegetables/ whole grains/ vitamins/ minerals, as part of the journey to restoring health on all levels.

4-What Is Muscle Testing?
4a Muscle testing is applying slight pressure to a certain muscle in the person’s body.
-From the way that muscle behaves, the Kinesiologist can determine what to do in order to help heal the person.
-Try it yourself: hold you arm out straight in front of you, horizontally at 90 degrees, now (imagine) have somebody pressing down your wrist, with only a little force. Your wrist will eventually lower and your muscle will eventually tire, because of the pressure that is being applied.
-In Kinesiology, the ‘energy’ associated with the muscle, is what the Kinesiology healer is interested in, not the muscle’s physical strength.
-Muscle testing is one way the person’s body ‘talks’ to the Kinesiology healer, to tell them what they need for healing to occur.
4b After a couple of years of Benita’s professional Kinesiology practise, she noticed that she knew what the muscle test would ‘say’ before it was performed. After this happened too constantly and too many times to be denied, she henceforth read her client’s energy and determined what they needed without muscle testing them. Reading her client’s energy (divination) was already occurring in her intuitive readings before she practised Kinesiology.
-If a client is really stuck, accidentally blocking Benita from reading their energy, she might muscle test herself to determine what her clients needs. Muscle testing herself, on behalf of her client is called ‘surrogate testing’.
-For Benita, reading her client’s energy by phone/ online/ without video is virtually no different to reading them when in person. Phone/ online sessions have their own advantages, not achieved through video or in-person sessions.

5-What Is Divination?
-Divination is to read a person or situation.
-It means to gain insight and knowledge about a question or problem.
-Divination uses non physical energy. Non physical energy is metaphysical energy or intuitive energy. Therefore, divination uses energy for the reading to occur or for the insight to be reached.
-Divination occurs by using an intuitive tool or process to inform somebody about the energetic state of something, to guide them on what direction to take.
-With reference to typical Kinesiology, the divination ‘tool’ is the person’s muscle, the ‘process’ is muscle testing.
-Benita has been practising divination since childhood and professionally since 1998. She uses many forms of divination to connect with her client’s energy, to read their energy and to ascertain what is needed their successful healing.

6-What Is An Imbalance?
7-Why Is A Kinesiology Treatment Called A Balance?
-An imbalance, in general terms is something that is not balanced.
-The four wheels of a regular car is a good example. When you need two new tyres, the old tyres together with the new tyres, usually cause an imbalance, therefore a wheel balance/ alignment is needed. There are usually slight differences between each tyre, the new and old tyres have not ‘worked together’ on the car before and the behaviour of one tyre, will affect the behaviour of other tyres, which will therefore affect how the car behaves- until all four tyres are optimized by a wheel balance/ alignment. A wheel balance/ alignment brings all tyres back into balance and positively affects the car in general.
-With regards to Kinesiology, instead of four areas (four wheels of a car) that need balancing, there are five areas (five elements within the person) that need balancing.
-When there is a change in a person’s life (positive or negative), it creates an imbalance on the physical/ emotional/ mental/ spiritual levels.
-For those who want to understand the nitty gritty, this example may be of interest: A person’s stomach and spleen may become imbalanced as a result of a positive or negative change in their life. The stomach and spleen are in the earth element. If the earth element is imbalanced, there is likely to be an imbalance in one or more of the other four elements (other organs).
-A Kinesiology healing brings the person’s organs (elements) back into balance. The result of a Kinesiology balance is improvement and healing regarding the person’s problem or condition.
-Kinesiology explains any kind of condition/ problem/ illness/ disease/ disorder, as an imbalance. This means, that when a person is happy/ healthy/ motivated/ easily succeeding, their physical/ emotional/ mental/ spiritual self is balanced.
-Benita’s phone/ online Kinesiology healings have deep-rooted, far-reaching and life-changing success for her clients.

8-What is Kinergetics?
Kinergetics focuses on energising and balancing chakras as another way to improve a person’s health and wellbeing on all levels. The Kinergetic healer’s hand is held at a certain distance away from the person’s body and energy is focused/ sent/ directed from the healer to the person. Those who have studied Kinesiology or those who are interested in Kinesiology, are sometimes interested in or study Kinergetics. Some Kinesiologists use Kinergetics as part of their healing sessions, as Benita has done since 2002.

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