Appointments & Charges

Benita’s sessions are available
by phone or online
Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp

without video call.

CALL/ TEXT – 0419 147 036 (Australia)
Any time, day or night.

[email protected] to arrange an online session.

$160 for 1 hour

Minimum for your first session.

$240 for 1½ hours
Recommended for your first session as 1 hour will feel like the session’s ended when you’ve just started.

$80 for ½ hour
If Benita has time after your scheduled one hour session, an extra half hour may be added to your one hour session. Payment is necessary before the extra half hour begins.

You are doing a good thing!
Currently, 3% of Benita’s earnings
go toward supporting
environmental and animal charities. Thank you!

What do you receive as part of your session at no extra charge?
-The price of the session includes 15- 30mins of healing that Benita sends you AFTER your session has finished.
-Text and email communication with Benita where she replies to your feelings and thoughts regarding the session or anything else that you may wish to share with her between sessions. 
-Her checking in with you, making sure you are okay.

How often should you have a session?
Benita recommends fortnightly sessions for maximum support/ for a pressing issue/ for when you are going through acute change/ trauma. Otherwise she recommends sessions on a monthly basis.

Regular sessions help you get to where you want to be in life, faster. They keep you in touch with yourself, instead of you losing yourself to your work/ family/ habits/ surroundings/ society. Sessions with Benita help you keep your motivation/ focus/ belief in yourself “up there” the way you felt in your session, instead of it fading away over time.

All payments to be made before the session starts
as confirmation of your session

-Payment required at least 24 hours before the session begins.
-You can change or cancel your appointment any time if you do so BEFORE making your payment.
-Paying for your session before it starts, does not grant special leeway to change the appointment day or time, in the last minute.

Send a screenshot or email of the payment receipt to Benita’s mobile or email.
Bank Australia- the bank that doesn’t not support the fossil fuel industry or industries that harm people/ animals/ the planet. A bank that is owned by its customers.
Benita French
Bsb 313 140
Acc 123 212 83

International payments- for clients outside Australia
Benita will email you a PayPal invoice.
You don’t need to have a PayPal account in order to make your payment.
You enter your own payment details.

Benita respects your time, please respect hers 
*Be on time for your appointment
*Charge your phone/ computer/ device before the session starts.
*Make sure your internet is working before the session starts.
Details below

*Be on time for your appointment
If you are late to your appointment, this is at the cost to you. The length of the session cannot be spontaneously extended to make up for this time.
*Charge your phone/ computer/ device before the session starts.
If the session spontaneously ends because of loss of battery power on your end, the remainder of the session time will not be refunded.
*Make sure your internet is working before the session starts.
If the internet disconnects for a number of minutes, on Benita’s end or your end, this is still considered ‘part’ of the allocated session time. The length of the session cannot be spontaneously extended to make up for this time.

Cancellation fees
Cancellation fees may apply, if you have ALREADY paid for your session but wish to change or cancel it. This varies from 25% to 100% of the cost of the session.

Receipt for your tax records
Benita can email a separate receipt for your session (within 5 business days) upon request.