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Healer Melbourne

Healing from Emotional Abuse in Your Past Relationships.

Intuitive Counselling and Kinesiology Sessions for Women!

BENITA FRENCH (BBSc B.Psych) is a relationship expert and healer who also specializes in healing pain from your childhood and relationships. Her clients are women looking to feel understood, believed in and supported with regards to their emotional state, relationship desires and related demands.

Benita offers unprecedented support so that the feelings of possibility, openness and peace achieved within your session can continue to expand into your life.

Are you feeling Angry, Trapped, Helpless, Defeated, Dominated, Blamed or Alone?

Whether you realise it yet or not. Every woman needs healing from emotional abuse and while some of Benita’s clients experience appalling levels of emotional abuse, dishonesty, and manipulation – most women have, at some point, experienced some form of verbal, psychological, or emotional abuse from parents or loved ones.

Regardless of how much or little YOU have experienced, healing from emotional abuse will stop the attraction of negative and destructive people into your life and also stop those abusive people from being attracted to you.

Healing after emotional abuse requires an incredible level of support from someone who deeply understands women and has herself experienced numerous emotionally abusive relationships and recovered to the point that ALL the people she now attracts around her, treat her with a profound new attitude of love, respect and kindness. That person is BENITA (read her personal story below).

Appointments available via Phone 0419 147 036, Skype or WhatsApp

Restore Your Internal Strength

BENITA’S CONSULTATIONS always involve an Intuitive Reading and Counselling segment, to deeply explore your situation and identify current areas of stress or pain, followed by a Kinesiology and Energy Healing to help remove the negative energy from your mind, heart and body.

Emotional Abuse Recovery Stages: Healing from Emotional Abuse will take you through many recovery stages beginning with Despair, Awareness, Support, Discovery, Self-Preservation, Determination, and ending with Compassion, Empowerment, renewed Confidence and finally Overwhelming Emotional Peace.

“Guaranteed: you will feel lighter, clearer and happier by the end of your first session.”

Most of Benita’s clients book on a regular basis and have had some kind of natural therapy before. No one listens to you like Benita! Together you will unlock and correct ALL the negative patterns in your life.

MY PERSONAL STORY – Healing from an emotionally abusive relationship

Benita was a child healing prodigy and while she had an uncanny knack for healing others
something inside her was broken…

Benita’s Story and why she is committed to helping you…

Healing for Women Melbourne“From 6 years old, energy healing and psychic intuition became my way of life.

While every other child around me enjoyed friendships and the pop culture of the ’80s and ’90s, I was sacrificing those formative years for the healing work I was doing. It didn’t feel like a sacrifice at the time, but as I got older, I realized the enormous extent of what I missed out on.

I experienced a lot of trauma in the form of emotional neglect. From the very beginning, my parents were always fighting (verbally) which started a pattern of anger and sadness within me.

As a child and teenager, I somehow ended up counselling them through their marital problems and I was their first port of call for them recovering from verbal abuse in the marriage. Through me, they were healing from emotional abuse but never doing enough work themselves to rescue the family. I was also playing spiritual healer to their physical ailments and to the extended family and family friends around me. When I needed support from them, it was there on occasion, but not as a rule and I could never depend on them.

When I was 11 years old I saw my best friend from primary school killed on the same road where we lived. I never received any of the parental support or attention that a trauma like that deserves and instances like that just repeated all through high school.

I had virtually no friends through high school. If I did have a friend, my parents would tell me all the things that were wrong with them (there was nothing wrong with them) and tell me I should get rid of them. They eventually succeeded until I had no friends and nobody in my family knew about this or seemed to care if they did know. They were always talking about themselves. I remember talking to myself in the mirror to give myself the strength to go to school – I didn’t realize that I was doing affirmations and fortunately they worked. I would generally return home from school to observe my parents constantly prioritizing the needs of my relatives over me.

Even though I helped my parents with their problems via my developing intuitive and healing abilities and facilitated their daily healing from emotional abuse, I never felt important. I was treated with the attitude of “Benita will be OK, she can cope by herself”. But I wasn’t coping. On top of everything else, my parents would constantly threaten to break up and I was constantly living with the anxiety of ‘would it really happen this time’ and ‘have I failed’. By the time they did separate when I was 19 years old, I was fully relieved. I didn’t realize it then, but I had years of suppressed blame and anxiety within me from their threats to break up and I had already copied all the disrespect and chaos I learned from my family, into my own romantic relationships, my life and choices therein. Even after the breakup, their now desperate need to be healing from an emotional relationship was continually left to me and yet I was the one who was increasingly needing healing from the emotional abuse from my parents.

“I had already copied all the disrespect and chaos I learned from my family, into my relationships”

It was no wonder that in my own ensuing romantic relationships, I would be on a roller coaster of love, emotional trauma and healing from emotional abuse. I became emotionally neglected and psychologically abused in every way and on every level known to a woman. My partners tricked into thinking that I had something wrong with me and that I alone was responsible for all the problems that we had. I was told I was delusional when I spoke of my healing work and actually told I was like Hitler when I stood up for myself and asked one of them to take some responsibility. I put in an endless amount of effort, I was stressed to the max and was forever anxious in my relationships. I received almost no support from one parent while the other parent took ‘his’ side. The lack of support from my parents evolved to them denying that certain areas of my life existed and graduated to them betraying me in ways that cut to the core. Luckily, my cat was there to love and comfort me. I would NEVER have survived without her!

“He”, whomever I attracted at the time, never wanted to talk about our problems, he never had empathy for my experience and he wanted his way all the time. I was physically dragged out of his house, shut out with silence for weeks and months, manipulated with mind games and withdrawal of intimacy when I didn’t cooperate with his selfish and controlling ways. He would explode if I ever expressed my constant need for healing from emotional abuse and I began to fear that any challenge to his behaviour would lead to more dreadful consequences. I was feeling defeated before I could even open my mouth. I was trapped and clinging hopelessly to the scraps fo love. As my self-respect was crushed, each relationship got worse and I was told that I was hard work, ‘damaged goods’ and began to believe that maybe my reactions were exaggerated, overly dramatic fantasies.

I didn’t feel valued and I never received an apology. I could never tell anybody the full story because either nobody cared enough, nobody understood enough or I felt too ashamed of the whole situation. I was barely making ends meet. I was struggling to keep my Kinesiology Melbourne business running and I was living and working alone at home. It felt like I was living on a remote, forgotten island in terms of how isolated I felt.

I was a healer who was now in desperate need of healing from childhood emotional abuse, healing from emotional manipulation and recovering from a narcissistic boyfriend.

MY LIFE TURNED AROUND when I started working on the realization I had about copying and pasting my childhood conditioning patterns into all my relationships. I extensively worked through all my childhood pains and self-healed the trauma through a daily routine of reflection and reassessment exercises, self-healing, meditation and positive affirmations to correct the overwhelming amount negative beliefs that had accumulated over three decades.

I initially struggled to embrace my now desperate need for self-preservation over the emotional needs of my dominating and emotional manipulative partner. I became determined towards healing from emotional abuse. 100% committed to re-discovering how far back it went and healing all the scars of emotional abuse that had occurred during my life.

I slowly developed my own highly specific routine of childhood and relationship healing and combined with my professional training in Psychology and Kinesiology, I began clearing my path for something truly amazing.

After about 20 years of generally unsupportive men, I attracted a beautiful man into my life. I knew that we would not have met and got together, had I NOT been working on myself as hard as I had been for many years. After we got together, I showed him the affirmations I was doing for about 7 years before we got into a relationship and he said, “So you manifested me then! And I manifested you – I have wished really hard for a woman with your unique qualities since I was 20, I never stopped looking and finally, here you are.” We both agreed, it was worth the wait! He had done an enormous amount of work on himself as well for more than a decade and both of our efforts finally paid off.

He was a brand new pattern! He understood, nurtured and supported me in EVERY SINGLE WAY that I felt could exist. It was great, but also weird, foreign and at times I pushed it (the new pattern, him) away. I didn’t realize that’s what you do with a New Pattern. The Unknown. I was scared of the love and attention I never had and felt it was unnecessary or over the top when I got it sometimes. I didn’t believe I was worth fighting for! I thought it was absolutely impossible to have somebody fulfil my extremely long list of complex emotional, creative and spiritual criteria for a relationship, especially as I had my self-esteem knocked hard to the ground.

Much to my amazement ‘THE ONE’ did exist. I grew happier. I grew into who I really was because of the constant respect and belief from my new partner. His devoted love and stable support helped me remember what I had almost forgotten about myself: that I was worth it! We worked together on healing from emotional abuse and instead of running from my endless stories of emotional abuse he made me feel that I was worth fighting for!

He has continually improved since we got together in 2013 because he was open to change and realized that with my help he could be an even better man for us and his children. And of course, we had some massive fights along the way while we were both trying to retrain each other and ourselves to love correctly. The work doesn’t end when you find ‘THE ONE’.

The positive support I received began to transform decades of negative voices in my head. Feelings of “can’t” became; “you can be happy”, “you can be successful”. I began passing the profound new consciousness I felt on to all my Kinesiology Melbourne clients. In turn, my business improved and more clients started coming on a weekly basis. With text, email and phone support between their session, they too began to experience profound improvements in all their relationships.

I desperately want to help every woman I can, heal from the past and find complete happiness in a new or existing relationship. This process begins with a DILIGENT attitude to working on yourself and the RIGHT Support!”

I’m finally experiencing extraordinary peace in my romantic life and I Want to Share that with YOU.

Call Benita on 0419 147 036

What To Expect From A Healing Session.

Relationship Advice Testimonial 2019With an exclusively female client base and 30+ years of professional experience healing women and their relationships, Benita now combines her background in Behavioral Science and Psychology with Intuitive Counselling, Kinesiology and multiple psychic readings into a unique phone or video sessions specifically for women.


    • No one listens to you like Benita!
    • This is your time to truly unload.
    • You never have to worry if Benita is thinking that you are talking too much. She thinks this is a good thing!
    • Benita is not going to criticise or judge you.
    • You never have to worry if Benita can handle what you’re saying. She always can, no matter what the subject.
    • Even if you feel your thoughts are fantasy or unrealistic, Benita won’t think you’re stupid.
    • You never have to worry if Benita is on your side. She always is.
    • This is an appointment with YOUR SELF!
    • Benita will take a detailed, confidential account of your life experience and the issues you’re coming to address.


    • Benita will receive feedback from your body using distant healing techniques.
    • Benita will look at your Numerology Birth Numbers and those of significant others around you to help you understand yourself and others better.
    • Benita will look at your Tarot cards and your dreams overnight to explore the presence and possibility of certain issues and goals in your life.
    • Benita is not a fortune teller because these sessions are about changing your future,
    • Benita’s guidance is fully directed by her specific Angels and Spirit Guides – assistance which became 10 times stronger from 2016.
    • You have the support of many beings within your session.

ENERGY HEALING – Create A Better Life!

    • Benita will instruct you on how to hold points on your hands, arms, feet, legs, torso, back and head to help open the way for healing.
    • Benita will guide you as to which muscles and parts of the spine to rub in order to remove negative beliefs and stress.
    • Benita will provide a list of essential oils, crystals, tuning forks that you can use to shift your consciousness into a better state.
    • Benita will contact you after your session to help you reconnect with the positive energy changes you achieved in your session.
    • Benita’s distant healings are instructed by her angels and guides. They help her, she helps you.
    • This is all performed as a distance healing using projected visualizations and light via phone or online video chat.

BENITA’S ENERGY – Who Is Healing You?

    • Benita offers you the CLEANEST energy available for healing sessions.
    • Benita has no caffeine, no alcohol, no nicotine or other drugs in her diet.
    • Benita eats a purely plant-based diet that is organic whenever possible.
    • Benita drinks natural spring water which she sources herself.
    • Benita follows a daily meditation and healing routine.
    • Benita is in a satisfying, happy, committed relationship.
    • Benita has disconnected from all the disrespectful and unhealthy people in her life.
    • Benita offers you this clean energy in your sessions with her which will result in real change in your life, also because she has undergone everything she offers to help you with, herself.

Testimonial from Lyn (Greensborough)
“I call Benita regularly. Since I’ve been calling her, I feel I’ve grown a lot. I feel mentally different and I’ve realized that I don’t have to put up with bad behaviour. I feel empowered: I never thought I’d use that word!”

Testimonial from Christa – Recruitment Consultant, Kensington.
“When the world spins for me from time to time, Benita’s non-judgmental attitude, clarity, reassurance and constantly relevant advice, provides me with a positive framework for life’s decisions. I trust her. Most importantly, Benita helps me believe that I can achieve what I strive for in life.”
Testimonial from Morag – Management Consultant, Eltham.
I really like calling Benita, she’s just a miracle worker, I feel so blessed to have found her. I don’t know how I would have coped without the sessions. Buried issues emerge out of nowhere. I’m left with a sense of lightness.”
Testimonial from Angela – Hairdresser, Essendon.
Thank you Benita for your wonderful support and your helpful service. I’m grateful for your wisdom on my life’s journey. Keep helping people because you’re good at it!”
Testimonial from Holly – Nanny, Hurstbridge.
“Benita gave me the most amazing insight for where I’m at.”