Healing for Women

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If you are here, it means you really want to heal your life on all levels and have now attracted the help you need. Good on you🌸💚🌸

If you feel alone in society, amidst family and some friends, it could be because your sensitivity, creativity, intuition and interest in health separates you from them. It’s a good thing that you’re not like them!

Maintaining your choices has possibly received criticism from others but you did the right thing in upholding your values. Rest assured, Benita will respect you, understand you and fully support you in ways you have not experienced with others.

BENITA FRENCH (BBSc, BPsych) has practised as a Therapist, Kinesiologist, Intuitive Reader and Law of Attraction coach since 1998. She is an expert in these 5 areas below:

1- Parents: Stand up to them
This includes family members. Withdraw from their dramas, say no to their demands and build stronger boundaries. Doing so will only improve all areas of your life.

2- Heal your physical/ emotional/ mental health naturally with

Energy Healing
3- Improve your financial health
Increase your earnings in your business; get better clients; change to a better job; change position within the same job or speed up the resolution of outstanding financial problems.

4- Relationships: Attract one
Or cope better with the relationship you’re in; support for leaving an unhealthy relationship; help to recover from a separation/ loss or positively view your current relationship status.

5- Spiritual Development: Psychic Readings & Spiritual Guidance
In alphabetical order: Communication with beings (humans/ pets) in the spirit world; Dream interpretation; Numerology; Past Lives and Tarot. Photos welcome.

What is a session like?
Benita wants to understand everything about you. She wants you to understand that EVERY single feeling you have is important and that there are good reasons for why you feel and react the way you do. You can tell her anything and everything and Benita will not judge you. She combines therapy, a hint of coaching and energy healing in all sessions, regardless of what particular one you’re looking for. What can look like a discussion of your life’s issues, is actually a healing session with Benita- whether or not she instructs you on healing exercises.

Her feedback from clients is that she has helped them more in one session than months or years of therapy with other professionals, including other Kinesiologists, Reiki and Pranic healers, Readers, Counsellors, Life coaches, Psychologists or Psychiatrists. Her feedback includes her clients telling her that they have felt more comfortable and understood by Benita than their best friend or parent/ figure. She is often told by her clients ‘you get me, I don’t have to explain what I mean, you just get me’. Benita can help you improve your WHOLE life, all areas.

How will you feel after a session?
🌸Each session will change you, for the better, forever.
🍀You will feel comforted on a deep level because Benita properly listens to you.
🌸You will feel more relaxed, happier, lighter, clearer and freer.
🍀You may or may not feel tired, ill or negative after the session. If you do, this is your suppressed emotional pain coming to the surface. This is a VERY important and healthy reaction. Emotional tears, emotional vomit and emotional pooh builds over years and decades within all of us, unless it is healed. It stems from your family, particularly your parents, telling you through words or by actions that you don’t matter as much as they do. That “you’re too sensitive, get over it!”. You were right to notice that your feelings were not respected. After a short period, you will notice feeling well and energetic. Your boundaries will be stronger and you will feel able to do anything.
🌸Your world will open up and you will perceive life in terms of its possibilities. You will think of yourself, those around you and situations very differently. 
🍀Clients usually report unexpected positive changes and experiences of some kind, immediately or shortly after the session, be it in their relationship, financially or with their health, amidst other areas. Benita cannot guarantee these results, although she wished she had a dollar from every client who shared these stories with her (go to the “testimonials” menu tab).
Once you have Benita in your life, you are likely to want to keep her in it, as some of her clients have for many years, others for over a decade.

How are the sessions conducted?
All sessions are by phone or online, without video.

How do the sessions work by phone/ online (without video call)?
Benita intuitively connects with her clients energy, no matter where they may be physically located. She began offering phone sessions in 2010 and online sessions since 2013. The only thing that is different about a session by phone/ online as compared one in-person, is the physical experience. The quality of Benita’s help is the same. Anything she would show you in person, is relayed by photos.

How do KINESIOLOGY healing sessions work
without your body being present and without video call?