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If you feel alone in society, amidst family and some friends, it could be because your healthy sensitivity, creative inclinations, intuitive interests and natural health interests separate you from them. It is a good thing not to be like everybody else!

Maintaining less popular and less mainstream choices has possibly received criticism from others but you did the right thing in upholding or trying to uphold your values. 

BENITA FRENCH (BBSc, B Psych) is the author of “Manifest Your Future” and “True Tarot”. She practised as a Therapist, Kinesiologist, Intuitive Reader and Law of Attraction coach from 1998 to 2021. From 2022 (until further notice) Benita will not be available for appointments, instead, she is focusing on her next books.

Benita is an expert in these 6 areas listed below:

1- Improving your financial health

2- Healing on all levels, naturally with Kinesiology and
Energy Healing
3- Strengthening boundaries with your parents and family

4- Personal Growth

5- Romantic Relationships

6- Spiritual Development and Spiritual Guidance

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I was born in Melbourne Australia in 1975.

From about 6 years of age, I was learning, studying and researching the metaphysical. This was normal and absorbing for me, the way it was normal and absorbing for other children to be interested in dolls or pop groups. I regularly practised what I learnt and gave complimentary healing and reading sessions to friends and family throughout my childhood and teen years (1981- 1991).

When I finished high school, I completed a Bachelor of Behavioural Science degree and a Bachelor of Psychology degree, with two years off to travel overseas and move state (1993- 2000). In between my Psychology study, I moved from Melbourne to Perth and began my healing and reading practise part time (1998).

As part of my business, I was a constant stall holder at Psychic Fairs and New Age expos across Australia (1998- 2013). I was a consistent guest on local and prime time radio stations and also produced my own radio programs (2000- 2015). When interviewers asked what my job title was, it was difficult to answer, as my work was a combination of a natural health practitioner, a counsellor, coach, healer, reader and therapist put together in one consultation.

During the time spent at expos and radio, I completed my Kinesiology training (2001- 2005), left a 7 year relationship, left my business in Perth and moved back to Melbourne. That was a massive year (2003).

I started my business in Melbourne from scratch, beginning part time in 2004 and moving to full time since 2007. Some years after that, I left a different 7 year relationship. 2013 was highly significant: I became vegan, began a new, happy relationship with my life partner, gave public talks, taught many classes on spiritual development and personal growth and began activity on social media, including YouTube (2019).

Having shared my home with in-person clients since 1998, I decided I wanted my home back and changed my business to only phone and online sessions (2020). The following year, in 2021, I became an author and released two books “True Tarot” and “Manifest Your Future”

My whole life, I have been a non-smoker, non-drinker and non-drug user (pharmaceutical and recreational), even though I have been surrounded by people who were not. I have healed my physical and emotional problems myself through Kinesiology and other energetic healing techniques, through diet, realization, meditation, affirmations and yoga. Otherwise I have sort the help of natural healing professionals.

My interests are (almost completely) what my business and books are about. My relationship is central to every aspect of my life and I am happy to say that we take the time to enjoy it. I love to watch great acting- usually associated with murder mystery films. I also love painting, drawing, exploring new vegan food and outlets, being in nature and I thrive on flower photography.