Personal Growth

Benita French is an author and Personal Growth expert. She has been researching and living the concepts of Personal Growth her whole life. Benita applies Personal Growth concepts to every session with every client by various means.

What is Personal Growth?
Personal growth is challenging how you were taught to think and feel about yourself and the world. Personal growth is about becoming MORE of who you are. It’s a process of self discovery and becoming more aware of yourself with respect to the people and environments you’re in.

Let Benita help you with yourself in these different ways
(listed alphabetically below):
Awareness- Become more aware of yourself, how you behave towards others and understand why others behave in certain ways toward you
Capable- Feel capable. See more below.
Care- Self care. See more below.
Communication- Improve your communication
Confidence- Feel confident. See more below.
Efforts- Recognize the effort you put in
Limitations- Recognize your limitations and those of others
Present- Be present. See more below.
Problems- Reduce problems related to anger, anxiety, competition, depression, jealousy and worry
Worthwhile- Feel worthwhile as a person. See more below.
Worthwhile- Feel worthwhile as a WOMAN. See more below.

Capable- Feel capable
Feeling capable or believing yourself to be capable, is an easy thing to forget and hard thing to remember. Benita can encourage you in a hundred different ways to believe that you are capable, that you can trust yourself, that you can do it. She can help you remember that you have proved yourself to be capable in the past and that your capability is not and never will be lost, that practise and effort will bring the feeling back and yield the results you seek.

Care- Self care
Self care is an awareness of your needs versus the needs of others. Self care is caring for yourself first and others second. Benita can help you understand that self care does not mean self-ish. She can help you be disciplined in prioritizing your needs the way you do with other important areas of your life. Benita can help you feel good that you practise self care- as nobody, not even your perfect friend or partner will regularly put your needs above theirs.

Confident- Feel confident
Feeling confident is something that can happen with some people but not with others, with some things or in some environments but not with others. Feeling confident is similar to feeling capable, one difference being that confidence tends to be related more with interaction with others in some form.

Confidence is something that builds within you because your parents or significant others, give you positive reinforcement about yourself, that you are good at something, that you are a good person, that you are important, that you are likeable and loveable. As years pass, confidence becomes instilled in you, which you naturally apply to various areas of your life. Confidence is less likely to be instilled in you, if you were given negative reinforcement for many years: if you were put down, criticised, told you should put up with something that is wrong, things like that.

Benita can give you positive reinforcement in a hundred different ways so that you can believe in yourself as being just as important, likable, lovable and good at something as anybody else who ‘seems’ to have or does have, more confidence than you. She can help you feel that your feelings, thoughts and opinions are worth listening to- this process in itself builds the confidence you seek.

Present- Be present
Being present is about being here and now, not in the past and not in the future. Being present means the same thing as being in the moment. When you’re in the present, you are less worried and anxious and more calm and at ease in general. Benita can help redirect the energy that goes into chaotic thinking into feeling aware of your body and your needs right at this moment. She can help you focus on the moment and help you enjoy the moment.

Worthwhile- Feel worthwhile
Feeling worthwhile means to feel that you have something important to offer, that your existence matters, that you are important, that you are worth spending time, energy or money on. Benita can help you remember things you’ve forgotten about yourself. She can help you see yourself how YOU see yourself, rather than from the perspective of how other negative people around you, see you (negative people don’t ‘see’ you, they just see themselves.)

Benita can help you honor the ways that you want to live, that you don’t matter more if you have completed higher education, own a house, earn a high income, have the ‘right’ kind of job. That you don’t matter less if you don’t have these things- that you CAN live YOUR life, your way. Benita can help you see: that if you are intuitive, creative, artistic and not mainstream in your perception of life; that if you have an interest in health, the plight of animals and the environment and if you value your time (as opposed to valuing the opinions of others and what they believe you should be doing with your time) that all this is JUST as important, if not more important, in the development of feeling worthwhile.

Worthwhile- Feel worthwhile as a WOMAN
In terms of the sexes and in general terms: in centuries past, you were seen to be more worthwhile as a woman as defined by whether or not a man wanted to marry you and have children with you. Last century, this changed a little to being worthwhile as a woman if a man (speaking heterosexually) wanted to have sex with you, be in a relationship with you or have children with you or not. Benita can help you see that it’s because of your parents, grandparents and great grandparents, that this outdated and narrowminded way of thinking has been reinforced into your perceptions of yourself as being worthwhile as a woman. She can enable a greater view of yourself as being worthwhile as a woman if you are single or in a relationship. That you are not worthwhile BECAUSE of a relationship.

You are worthwhile as a woman if you are in a relationship or if you are married. That you are not more worthwhile BECAUSE you are married and less worthwhile because you are not married. Benita can encourage you to believe this.

She can help you see yourself as worthwhile as a woman if you have or don’t have children. That you are not more worthwhile as a woman BECAUSE you have children and less worthwhile as a woman because you don’t have children.

Benita can help you feel ‘normal’ and good about yourself as a woman who does NOT want to have children because you want to spend your time, energy, money and attention on yourself, to be with yourself, to enjoy yourself and to develop yourself. You are not more worthwhile as a woman BECAUSE you desire to have children and less worthwhile as a woman because you want to focus on your needs and discover who you are, rather than give up your needs which (often and mostly) occurs in the process of rearing children.

Benita believes you are ABLE to grow and develop in yourself and that you can do so even more than you have already done (wonderful effort so far by the way). Benita wants you to grow and develop in yourself, for your own sake, so ALL areas of your life can improve and so that you can be happier and healthier as a result 💚