Opportunity Created By Attitude Not Age

From “The Healing Show” Series #12: Goals

Too many women think about their age. They don’t just think about it, they have a problem with it. The problem is exacerbated when age is linked with goals women want to achieve in their life and how some goals get crossed off the list because of perception of age.

The all important thing to remember about your age is:

Nobody does your age like you do

You might belong to an age bracket because you’ve lived as many years on this planet as the next person, but you do your age, like you do it, not like any other woman does it.

One of the main things that determine the effect of years on your face, is how often you think about it. Women who think about their age all the time look older. Women who think about their age less, look younger.

Another main thing that contributes to women aging is diet and lifestyle habits, initially determined by family conditioning and the culture she grew up in. You will look younger for longer if you eat a plant based diet and don’t drink or smoke.

Another most important non-physical factor affecting age is your attitude toward your age. A positive attitude can make a woman of 55 look closer 50 than 60. A negative attitude can make a woman of 35 look closer to 40, than 30. If a woman has a positive attitude, she will look younger for her age than not.

When it comes to you thinking about your age and what’s possible to achieve in life, opportunities are created by a positive attitude, not by a younger age.

You can do whatever you want, at any age you want. Remove the link between age and you achieving certain goals. Just because most women don’t do certain things at “their” age, doesn’t mean you can’t at “your” age, even if you have been alive for the same amount of years.

You are “your own age”, determined by you, your upbringing, lifestyle habits and individual attitudes. You can achieve your goals at any age and with a positive attitude.

Do You Achieve Or Sabotage? The Key Is…

From “The Healing Show” Audio Series #12: How To Accomplish Your Goals

This is a fascinating message that if you can come to grips with it and apply it to your life, you can help heal from most of your problems. I’m talking about obscure things that most of us don’t think about which are the emotions that were regularly played out in our childhood by our parents.

For example, the feelings that dominated my childhood were sadness, anxiety, conflict and manipulation. I watched my parents behave in these ways between each other and with me, but mainly I learnt it from seeing how my Mum and Dad were sad, anxious, being angry and manipulative. They were constantly in those states and it was how I learnt to behave.

past and parental conditioning

I learnt to be anxious, I learnt how to argue, I learnt how to be sad and feel manipulated. I copied and pasted these emotions into my relationships and sometimes into my work environment.
Even if I wasn’t the one who caused the conflict, even though I wasn’t manipulating another or causing anxiety or sadness, I attracted people who caused me to feel that, particularly in one relationship in the past where all these elements were active.

So we learn a feeling pattern, we adopt it and we play it out in our life, if not by our own hand, we’ll attract a relationship or a boss or another significant other, who will cause us to feel the way we observed our parents to be growing up.

This means that if you’re talented, creative and intelligent in various ways and not succeeding in life, it’s because you’re repeating the patterns that were instilled in you by your parents. This also means that if you’re progressing well in life then wonder why it halts, it’s because you’re reigniting an old pattern from childhood because that’s what you’re familiar with. You’re not yet aware that you’re repeating your programming without necessity.

The more you can reflect and remember and be aware of the dominant feelings of your parents growing up, the more likely you are to break out of the emotions you’re replicating from childhood and thus achieve and succeed in life.

Why Do We Sabotage Our Life

From “The Healing Show” Series #12: How To Accomplish Your Goals

Self Sabotage means that ‘we’ are screwing things up for ‘ourselves’. We prefer to blame something or somebody for things not going well because most of us don’t take enough responsibility for our life.

Responsibility is a fundamental key to understanding how we can make our life work or not work.

Responsibility is about making choices that serve our Peace, Progress, Health, Happiness and Success (PPHHS). We need to think very carefully about: who we spend our time with… where our time is spent… what we’re doing… and how long it’s for… These choices will determine our quality of life.

Why would we make choices that ruin things for ourselves? Because we are scared!

The fear comes from lack of support, encouragement and belief from our family, friends and relationship partner while we’re in the process of acquiring PPHHS. They might not like us or love us anymore. They might want us to be where they’re at.

The fear also comes from the unknown. If our conditioning hasn’t helped us be familiar with PPHHS, if our family or friends haven’t experienced what we want, then there’s little for us to go on. We don’t know how to do it, we don’t know how to recognize it when it’s there.

We don’t feel the fear of Peace, Progress, Health, Happiness and Success, but we act it out in thousands of different, very clever and elaborate ways that stop us from having what we want: physically (getting sick), emotionally (getting really upset), mentally (getting overwhelmed) and spiritually (not feeling connected to our body).

Finally, we sabotage ourselves because we’re not feeling deserving and this is linked to how we were raised. Were we taught that we were valuable? Were we taught that we could and should have anything we want?

You *deserve* the best! You deserve peace- uninterrupted! You deserve to progress! You deserve great health! You deserve to be truly happy! You deserve big success!

Breaking out of the Self Sabotage pattern is one of the hardest things to do, but it’ll be one of your biggest *victories* in life!