10 Law of Attraction & Manifesting Techniques

10 Law of Attraction Techniques

  1. It’s very important to wish and want. When you’re wishing you are manifesting. When you’re wanting you are manifesting. 
  2. Hold the pictures, of what you want, in your mind.
  3. Feel worthy of having those pictures in your mind. Feeling worthy of having more and truly believed that something good is possible for you, will bring it about.
  4. Experience now, all the feelings as if you already have what you want. 
  5. People can manifest accidentally without even trying because they’re not putting a limitation on the small things that they want. Stop putting negative limitations on things you want. Limitations come in with big things and you think it can’t happen for you. 
  6. Detach from family members who continue to support the negative limitations you have learnt from them. 
  7. Surround yourself with people who can help you believe that a life with more income, a better lifestyle, a better business is possible.
  8. Retrain your beliefs into one where anything is possible for you.
  9. Daily practise at holding the images in your mind of what you want and the more you can feel really excited about having those things will speed up at the reality that you wanted to come about. So if you’re only thinking about what you want for 5 seconds once a month then it’s going to take you longer than if you practise thinking about it for 5 minutes.
  10. You can manifest a man,  start with the criteria. what you want your man to have as far as emotional qualities and attitudes to life and lifestyle.

The intensive work I do with clients is discovering the negative beliefs they have picked up through the conditioning of family and past relationships and then getting them to actually believe that what they want Could Happen and β€œThis could be my life.” 

And you can always have a session with me so that I can help get you in the right kind of thinking, the right mindset to bring things about! 

It can happen for you quicker than not so feel it’s possible and use me as a tool, I’m here! 

It’s all possible! It’s all possible for you! 

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Relationship Advice Testimonial

Money Crisis?

From “The Healing Show” Series #04: Manifesting Can Happen Quickly and Easily

You might really need money at the moment. You could be down to your last ‘x’ amount of dollars, your emergency threshold and you’re probably stressed.

Besides going into debt, it’s easy to look outward to friends, family or your partner as the answer to your problems. Sometimes they can help, sometimes they can’t. Perhaps now you’re in a situation where your loved ones can’t help you.

You might start to feel negative or resentful about this, thinking things like “why can’t they help me… they should help me… they should have got their act together by now in order to help me… I can’t believe they can’t or won’t help me, it’s wrong… I just need somebody to help me, then I’ll be ok…” and similar thoughts.

Maybe you’re right, maybe your loved ones ‘should’ give you some money at the moment and you’ve got a right to feel that way… If, however, your loved ones can not or refuse to be of financial assistance, then it could be a very clear sign that you’re not meant to turn to them at the moment, but to look inwards to yourself instead.

You’re at an extremely important crossroads here… you could be starting an unhealthy, new pattern, or continuing an old pattern, where you give your power away and look to others to get you out of things. Or… you could start a healthy, new pattern where you look to yourself as the creator of all the money you need! You have the power to create the money you want! You…!

When you arrive at the moment where you need money, you’re have arrived at an empowering moment, where you will discover what you can do… or what you can do again, and earn money like you used to.

One way to help you turn your energy from going outward, to looking inward, is to stop talking about the money you don’t have. The more you talk about a negative circumstance, the more the negative circumstance will proliferate.

Another way to help you turn your energy inward, is to recall times in your life when money wasn’t an issue. You might have received a bonus at work; you might have inherited some money; maybe you got some as a gift; perhaps you were just doing your usual thing of working for it; perhaps think of times when you had a good amount in the bank; maybe there were particularly comfortable patches in your life that you can recall being relaxed about money…

It doesn’t matter what the positive financial situation was, all that matters is the feeling of you having enough… more than enough… plenty πŸ™‚ All that matters, is that you keep thinking about all the times where you were relaxed about money, and keep thinking it and keep feeling the ease and calm and the normality of it all. This is the BEST state of mind in which to create wealth.

Conflicting Desires & Manifesting Don’t Mix

From “The Healing Show” Series #04: Manifesting Can Happen Quickly & Easily

Many people want the extra job, the promotion, to expand their business or start selling their creations… but at the same time they’re wanting this, they’re thinking that the getting of it, will get in the way of something else.

Eg. You perceive that the extra money you want to earn might get in the way of your social life, your spare time or your family. You want the extra clients, customers… etc but if you get them it means that you’ll only be able to watch one favourite tv show, not the five shows you watch weekly. You want the extra income but you can’t see how you’re going to fit it into everything else you need to do.

Instead of thinking I’ll fit everything else into the time I’ve got left after I’ve earned the extra income, you’re thinking that everything else is first while the extra income you want so badly is second? The extra income needs to be the priority.

You might also feel that you’ve never reached higher than a certain level with your time and energy and managing tasks. You’ve only manage 10 tasks at maximum before, so that limit must be the same now, instead of thinking that you can grow into a new, higher level of handling more.

You might feel that your timetable will only allow a certain amount of things in it, without realizing that your timetable could change to accommodate for the time or head-space you need to earn extra income. Things change.

You need to remember that you can create a new maximum for yourself, you can increase the amount you can do or produce, you can do it, you can manage everything, you might never have done more before but you might actually pull it off and do it this time. Don’t underestimate yourself.

Feel the feelings of wanting more getting in the way of other important things. Connect with the rule you’ve given yourself, rewrite the rule and feel deeply and strongly that more is possible for you. More is possible for you!

Visualize Your Bank Balance

From “The Healing Show” Series #04: Manifesting Can Happen Quickly and Easily

How much money do you want to see in your account? It could be the amount you want after a year or it could be the amount you want soon to take care of all your needs and wants for the rest of your life.

Visualise your name, the words bank balance, then the amount. You have to really, really, really want this amount.

Don’t worry about the hows, just visualise and want and feel happy while you’re visualising. And it will start to form…

Manifesting Powers Still In Tact Even When Tired

From “The Healing Show” Series #04: Manifesting Can Happen Quickly and Easily

There are definite links between your energy levels and the speed with which you can manifest something.

You’ve heard the saying “when you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you”. Well, the same goes for manifesting. When you’re in a good mood, manifesting something will work easier and faster for you.

The best, most effective times for you to visualize what you want and feel the happiness of already having ‘it’, are on those days when you’re feeling great. Sometimes, feeling great isn’t always easy to achieve, especially when you’re unwell and tired.

If you’re feeling physically well, but just a bit lethargic, you can easily get into a better mood by playing your favorite songs, particularly ones that help you increase faith in yourself. But when you’re feeling tired or unwell, you can’t think of simple things like putting on good music to change your mood, because all you want to do is go to bed and shut down.

Feeling tired or unwell will make it harder for you to get into a good mood and a good mood is crucial for ease and speed of manifesting. You won’t remember how to feel enthusiastic when you’re tired, unwell or feeling down; you’ll magically forget what your most important goals are.

When you’re under the weather, you are more likely to believe your negative thoughts and you will have a more difficult time flicking off those negative thoughts.

When you’re on top of the world, you can easily flick away negative thoughts, but when you’re under the weather, you believe them. They grow bigger… and you end up in a hole of your own making… Things snowball…

You don’t have the energy to remember the good things in your life… your negative thoughts spill over into other areas… a minute ago you were just worried about your job, and a minute later you’re worried about your relationship too… a minute ago you were just feeling negative by yourself, and a minute later you’re wondering if somebody or some other force is against you… Back up, back up πŸ˜‰

You need to remember that there’s nothing really wrong. You haven’t lost your manifesting powers, there aren’t negative forces against you necessarily, you could just be tired or unwell. That’s all. And you need to give yourself a break. You need to not expect miracles over the hours or days when you’re letting yourself recover.

Stay calm, stay cool and keep the faith. When you’re feeling tired and unwell, your negative thoughts will feel easier to believe and they can feel stronger and bigger. It doesn’t mean you’re negative thoughts are true just because they’re stronger and bigger, it just means you don’t have the energy right at this second to put them into perspective. Low physical energy can slow the manifesting process, but it doesn’t cancel it out.

While you’re tired or unwell, just do your best with visualizing what you want to manifest. When you get better again, your manifesting powers will get back to the speed and ease you’re used to.

Manifesting Can Happen Quickly And Easily – Part 6

Series: Manifesting Can Happen Quickly And Easily – Part 6

This message was recorded and posted on the day of the solar eclipse in Australia, so know that when you listen to or read this message, there is a lot of healing that comes with it, to do with:
Living the life you’ve always wanted;
Being super creative and manifesting that creativity like you’ve always dreamed about doing;
Being with the same people or living or working in the same place BUT in a whole n=e=w way;
With -new- people and living and working in a n-e-w place just like you’ve always wanted.

In order to manifest and k-e-e-p manifesting the life you’ve always wanted, you need to feel you are deserving and worthy of the things and people and circumstances that you want.

To keep your manifesting powers going, rather than have good things occurring every now and then, you need to FEEL the feelings of being worthy and deserving. This isn’t an easy feeling to access. How do you f-e-e-l worthy…?

One example is the worthy and deserving feeling that you have when you’ve been waiting for service in a busy cafe and by the time you do get served, you’re feeling very ‘worthy’ and ‘deserving’ about it. This example is a good place to start in terms of helping yourself remember what feeling worthy feels like.

However, it is interesting that you can feel ‘more’ worthy and deserving -when- you have been through a hard time, struggle or trauma. You’ve heard yourself say this haven’t you: “I deserve to experience x, y or z because I’ve been through so much crap that it’s time for me now”.

You can accidentally link feeling worthy and deserving with chaos in some form. I know at first this doesn’t make sense but you may remember happy times that were stopped, delayed or interrupted by something chaotic.

It can feel like in those moments when good times have come to a halt, that they weren’t meant to happen: the day didn’t keep flowing beautifully the way it began, so it wasn’t meant to; you felt in the zone but then something happened at work; you felt peaceful and happy but then you got a phone call.

It can feel like you’re not meant to be happy because the flow doesn’t continue, the success, peace, stability and happiness stops and you now have to attend to the chaotic person or situation that demands your attention. The extremely important thing here is, NOT to fall for the seeming chaos as though it’s a sign that you can’t have what you want.

You attracted the chaos because you’re NOT USED TO things going well for you. You’re not used to things going well for you for any length of time, because that hasn’t been your childhood experience.

Most of us have had dysfunctional families with aspects of our childhood or most of it being about chaos or trauma. When we’re adults, we want to create great stuff for ourselves but we feel we can’t enjoy it because there must be something crappy to go with it, just like what happened when we were kids.

It’s a pretty hard thing and an extremely significant achievement to break through the conditioning from childhood that says that you can’t have a great thing without something crappy to go with it. But when you do, and you c=a=n do this: when you realise that you can have what you want WITHOUT something unpleasant to go with it, you can have one beautiful day after the next, just like you perceive the rich and famous as having.

The rich and famous are people just like you… what’s so different about them… why can’t you have what another person has…? You can! You can have the peace, success, stability and happiness day after day and that can be the norm for you. You can make it your new bar, the new standard: life is always good for me and it just gets better.

If you can let yourself OWN a good life, let yourself feel that good things ARE yours and a flowing life is YOUR life, you can HAVE it and it BELONGS to you, then you can keep being on a roll of good things happening for you! You can increase the level of peace, stability, happiness and success that you’ve had in the past w-i-t-h-o-u-t feeling that something must stop or disrupt it.

You’re worthy of good things, as you are, by yourself, without ‘crappiness’ being a part of it. The more you can feel worthy of good things by themselves (without the rubbish from people and circumstances that have gone with it in the past), you’ll be able to manifest what you want as a continuous thing as the n…e…w n…o…r…m.

Manifesting Can Happen Quickly And Easily – Part 5

The “Being Happier” Podcast

Today’s Topic: Manifesting Can Happen Quickly And Easily – Part 5

“Negative mood? Go for a walk!”

A big part of manifesting, is your mood. If you’re in a good mood, you’ll manifest good things faster and bigger, if you’re in a bad mood or feeling flat, you’re unlikely to manifest anything good for yourself at all. It is imperative that you notice your mood and if it is negative, change it.

A negative mood doesn’t have to mean you want to punch a hole through the wall or through somebody’s head. A negative mood can be your feeling upset, depressed, flat, indifferent, overloaded or rushed among other things.

Whether your mood is extremely negative or only partially negative, you need to notice it, not get sucked into it, not let it dominate the rest of your being or your day and as quickly as possible, get out into the open and take a walk.

Whatever length of time you take a walk for, do it, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes. If you can’t take a walk outdoors because you’re in a building, walk to the toilets or walk from one end of the floor to the other, or to the next floor and back. Just go.

When you get stressed, you get stuck in your head, where there is no shortage of things to be angry and anxious about. You need to get back into your body, remember that you even have a body, by taking a break from your anger and worry, by moving your feet.

The whole point of this quick walk, is to achieve a shift. When you get stressed, you not only get stuck in your head, but you start to shut off from believing that life is possible. An inner shift is necessary.

When you’re in any kind of negative mood, you feel like others aren’t going to help you get where you need to go, that opportunities aren’t there, that there are no possibilities or a chance to reinvent, and feelings of failing wash over everything.

When you take charge of your negative mood, by noticing it in the first place, deciding to do something about it then taking a walk, you create a shift in yourself, you break the spell that you’ve put yourself under and you start to remember again… What do you remember…?

You remember that you have great things to offer the world… that you are talented and creative in many ways… that you are a good person and deserving of good things… you remember that just as one person can be expressive and successful, so can you… you remember how to organize your life in ways that work for your better.

Your angels, guides, those who love you, the universe: all believe in you, wish the best for you and have great visions for you and when you break out of your negative mood by taking a quick walk, you’ll remember those same things about yourself.

Manifesting =can happen= quickly and easily, because it only takes a few minutes through a walk, to create an inner shift which can allow for easy and speedy manifesting. When you get used to doing this manifesting stuff, you’ll see what I mean. You won’t be disappointed in this exercise.

Manifesting Can Happen Quickly And Easily – Part 4

The “Being Happier” Podcast

Today’s Topic: Manifesting Can Happen Quickly And Easily – Part 4


“The Money You’re Waiting On Is Already Yours.”

This message applies to you more if you are waiting on money to return to you, from being owed by somebody or being owed by the system. Or perhaps you know somebody who is waiting on money that is rightfully theirs and you want to help that person with this message.

If you are waiting on money to be paid to you, it can be a very frustrating, outrageous and a generally angry experience. Inevitably, you would have already done the hard yards to be paid that money in the first place, now it seems with your efforts to try to get it back, you’re working for it again! “Why do I have to do this! It’s so unfair and my life feels held up!”.

Unfortunately, getting angry at the lack of money, doesn’t actually help it to return to you. Getting angry can make you feel better for a time: better out than in, but energetically anger isn’t helping you.

It’s pretty hard to calm down about this matter if you’re in the thick of it, but I suggest you’ve gotta make yourself and you’ve gotta buy into it. You need to calm down about money not being in your account yet because the angry feelings you have are energetically pushing the money away.

In the act of getting angry at the lack of money at the moment, you are creating more of that scenario because you’re putting so much energy and belief into it. It may not feel like you’re doubting your money returning to you, but that is the message that’s going out to the universe by getting so angry about it.

I’m not saying you don’t have a right to be angry and I’m not suggesting you sit back and do nothing, sure, things can be done to secure it’s return, but help yourself by not focusing on the lack of it or that it’s missing.

The frustration and anger and focus on the lack of money, all has to be abandoned. Completely abandoned. You must fully disassociate yourself from these feelings at your core, otherwise this manifesting process isn’t going to work.

And you’ve gotta disassociate yourself from the appearance of things as fact: it looks like all the facts say that you won’t get your money or if you do, it’ll take forever. Don’t concern yourself with the apparent facts. Just keep feeling the feelings of the money being yours.

The universe fulfills your beliefs. If you believe your money isn’t coming back, the universe will give you that, if you believe the opposite, the universe will give you that. Even that wording just now “money coming back” assumes an energy that your life is held up, that you don’t have it, it’s not yours or it’s not there… You need to get the opposite of those feelings into your being, such as:

Feel like your life is moving along nicely and easily with all the money you need… Feel the money is in your account now… Feel how happy you are that it’s there… Feel relieved… Feel celebratory cause now you’re going to buy x or y for yourself or others because you can…

Get the celebratory feelings into you. It may feel fake or fantastical that you’re trying to conjure a feeling of celebrating your finances, but it’s ok if you don’t believe it just now. Try to make yourself believe it, do your best, you’ll get better at it over time.

Find the feeling from the past, of money returning to you or find the feeling from the past where you were so happy about your financial situation. Recall the feeling… get in touch with it… breathe it into you… then copy and paste it into this current situation of your waiting on money.

Remove the “waiting” feeling and feel like the money is yours, you’ve got it, feel the feelings of that as a reality…!

If you truly and deeply believe that the money is yours, this manifesting process will work better for you. But you have to let the desperation go and you’ve got to let the anxiety about it, go… woosh… off it goes… The anxiety about the money owed to you will reinforce the energy and the result that you don’t want. Help yourself with the correct mindset and the correct feelings.

This process will work quicker for you, the quicker you can let go of the anger and more deeply you can adopt the feelings of relief and celebration of the money being yours already.

Manifesting Can Happen Quickly And Easily – Part 3

Today’s Topic: Manifesting Can Happen Quickly And Easily – Part 3

“State How Much You Desire To Earn!”

Today’s recording is about using affirmations to start changing your energy, so you can align yourself with the amount you prefer to earn in your job or business.

Most people want to earn more than they’re earning now but most people also don’t know how that can start happening for them.

The amount you are earning now, is a belief in your being and mind about how much you feel is possible to earn. Like most beliefs, they’re drilled into you by conditioning from parents, culture and society, but you can =change= your beliefs!

How do you change your belief about how much you can earn? One way is through constant repetition of a new statement. Sound too simple? It works though and is very powerful… Just think back to the negative things you may have been told as a child. You came to believe it because of how many thousands of times it was said to you. But now, let’s make the statement really positive and use it to repeat over and over to yourself.

You can change the amount you want, but for argument’s sake I’ve used the amount of $2000 as what you want to earn each week.

This is the affirmation you repeat, aloud preferably and the more times per day, the better:

“I earn $2000 every week”.

That’s it.

The more you say affirming statements, the more you come to believe them. The more you come to believe something, the more you will attract the people and situations that will bring you what you want.

Being Happier doesn’t mean being financially wealthier, but being wealthier can increase opportunities for happiness for ourselves and others. So why not want more πŸ˜€ State what you want.

Manifesting Can Happen Quickly And Easily – Part 2

Today’s Topic: Manifesting Can Happen Quickly And Easily – Part 2

In the spirit of keeping manifesting quick and easy, this suggestion will really help you and is powerful as well: continually think about your goals.

This is not meant to be a task and it doesn’t need to be something you get serious about, just keep your mind on your goals, often, just for a few seconds in a minute.

I’m not saying it has to be a few seconds every single minute, “full on how will I keep that up” you’re wondering, but just to let your mind stray there… It’s just like thinking about a concert you want to go to… you feel enthused… you wonder who you’ll go with… you consider clothes options… it’s just a few seconds a minute or a few minutes an hour that your mind will stray to thinking about the concert.

Like going to a concert, your goals should feel like something you want to think about. None of this is meant to feel forced or like a drag. What are your goals to do with: social, career, creative, health, relationships?

Think back to examples of things you’ve achieved and things that have come to you in the past… inevitably you had thought about them and desired them… Same here in this message.

The power is in the present moment, so it’s important to feel you want the thing that’s important to you, right now. But even if it feels like “I really want ‘x’ one day” it’s still a want, it’s still a desire.

Your want and desire energy will fill up your being, it will seep into the space around you and attract people and situations that match up with your thoughts.

I quote an old story about the tortoise and the hare. The hare is full of energy so it should win the race compared to the slow tortoise, but it’s a little bit regularly that yields results. The tortoise wins.

Do a little tiny bit of desiring or thinking about your goals, for a few seconds over a few minutes, think about your goals for a minute an hour. Not timing it, just roughly. Keep thinking about it, for a little bit, regularly and you’ll get results!