Online Kinesiology Healing

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1- What is Online Kinesiology Healing
2- Advantages that voice call Kinesiology healing sessions have
over video call or in-person sessions

3- Do you have doubts that online Kinesiology healing works?

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1- What is Online Kinesiology Healing?
Online Kinesiology healing means that the Kinesiology healing session happens without your body being present. Benita tunes into the energy of your mind/ body/ spirit through your voice, without video. Online healing is also called distant healing.

Most Kinesiologists use muscle testing to read the person’s energy to determine how their problem/ condition/ illness can be improved. With Benita’s online Kinesiology healings, she easily reads your energy in a myriad of other ways.

Muscle testing is one way a person’s body ‘talks’ to the Kinesiology healer. After a couple of years of Benita’s professional Kinesiology practise, she noticed that she knew what the muscle test would ‘say’ before it was performed. After this happened too constantly and too many times to be denied, Benita henceforth read her client’s energy and determined what they needed without muscle testing them. Reading her client’s energy (divination) was already occurring in her intuitive readings, years before she practised Kinesiology.

For Benita, reading her client’s energy by phone/ online/ without video is virtually no different to reading them when in-person. Phone/ online sessions have their own advantages, not achieved through video or in-person sessions.

2- Advantages that voice call Kinesiology healing sessions have
over video call or in-person sessions
Since her observations began in 2010, Benita has noted certain advantages that voice call sessions have over video call or in-person sessions.
These are: clients do not waste their precious energy and time:
1- Traveling (and all that entails)
2- Focusing on Benita’s person or the camera instead on themselves and their feelings
3- Making themselves look pretty or making their home environment presentable
4- Trying to impress or prove themselves
5- Holding things in trying to be tough
All of this energy that clients spend on projecting themselves to Benita, can now be available for them to maximize the benefits of their healing session.
🍀The in-person healing sessions can lose some of its effectiveness when the client returns home, as they coat themselves with the old energy that hangs around at home. Benita can now be ‘with’ her clients in their home where her healing energy is needed most. Benita can assist her clients to remove the build up of repetitive and negative thoughts and feelings that surround them at home, thereby increasing the long term effectiveness of their healing session.
🌸Voice call clients have the advantage of being educated in self healing which can enable them to help themselves and others as well as speed up their personal growth and spiritual development.

3- Do you have doubts that online Kinesiology healing works?
PROBLEM: It is human nature to feel less trusting of a professional you haven’t met in person.
Benita understands this. People have many ‘secret’ ways of assessing somebody’s trustworthiness and it’s usually dependent on in-person cues and visual cues. Society’s opinion of healers and readers has improved over the years, but they can still be viewed somewhat negatively, unless somebody has done their research and knows better. Or knows Benita. 

SOLUTION: You have absolutely nothing to worry about with Benita.
clients convey that they feel more trusting of Benita compared to others they meet remotely or know in person. Benita is REAL, down to earth and does not pretend to be something she isn’t. You can ‘meet’ Benita and feel reassured by watching her YouTube videos or go to testimonials so that your doubts may cease or be alleviated.

PROBLEM: People associate a Kinesiology healing with their body being present in the session, or for their person to be seen via video call, otherwise they think it won’t work. This association is due to almost all Kinesiologists, spiritual healers and energy healers practising in-person. This leads people to ‘believe’ that healing ‘should only’ happen in person and if it doesn’t, it can’t work. Beliefs affects EVERYTHING in people’s experience and can enable something to work or not work. Limiting beliefs can be changed and improved by adopting an open attitude, through reassessment and through education.

SOLUTION: Benita has successfully projected her healing energy to her clients for many years, no matter where they may be physically located.
Benita did not start practicing her online healing/ distant Kinesiology healing sessions like other healers/ readers/ practitioners did, because life went online due to covid from 2020. Benita has been healing all her life and professionally since 1998. She began offering phone healings from 2010 and online from 2013. You are in excellent hands with Benita. Some clients who didn’t believe that the healing would work unless they were in person, were surprised and happy to discover that it did. The only thing that is different about a session by phone/ online, is the physical experience. Her level of care and assistance is the same.
Benita has helped to heal or has fully healed an enormous variety of problems for her clients by voice call only, without seeing them.

PROBLEM: There remains those who continue to doubt, that anything less than
in-person won’t work and is therefore irrelevant.
Those who doubt that online Kinesiology healing works with Benita
-May have never had a Kinesiology healing before and therefore might have no idea how healing works
-May have had a Kinesiology healing before and as a result, may believe that healing can only happen in a certain way
-May think that they are an authority on how healing works, without any or without adequate training, study or experience as a practitioner.
Everybody is entitled to their opinion and that’s okay. Benita encourages those who doubt to seek the services of another healer or educate themselves in healing energy.

SOLUTION: Healing sessions by phone/ online/ without video
do work with Benita.

She can’t speak for the effectiveness of other healers who don’t practise as often, who don’t have as much experience, who don’t rely on their ability for their income/ reputation or who don’t have a healthy diet/ habits as she does. All of these things influence the power or effectiveness of the online Kinesiology healing/ distant Kinesiology healing.
Also, energy between people is always ‘travelling’, like radio waves. A voice call with Benita can be described as her energy and your energy being tuned to the same station.

PROBLEM: Perhaps the word problem is not appropriate, but some of Benita’s long term clients are used to seeing her in person or with video and might find the transition challenging.

SOLUTION: It’s okay, Benita is still “here”. She thanks these clients for their loyalty and she is sorry that they will miss seeing her in person. Benita hopes these clients understand that her change to voice call only sessions is nothing personal. She still ‘likes’ these clients as much as she did before when she saw them in person. Unfortunately, Benita can’t make any exceptions to seeing her long term clients in person and is sorry about this. She encourages her existing clients to continue their healing sessions by voice call.

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